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Three Suggestions to Manifest an Amazing Life

3 Suggestions to Manifest an Amazing Life  

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Socrates

So how is your life going so far? Are you manifesting everything you wanted along the way? I’m curious, what have been your big wins and successes through this last year…and the last 5 years? In what ways do you feel that your life is falling short of what it could be, or are you always succeeding far beyond your expectations? My invitation for you is to deeply reflect on your life today. Think about who you are, what you have done and what do you really want to manifest into your future. Take notice of what areas of your life do you want to change, need to change, and absolutely MUST change. Wherever you put most of your attention upon, is where your life will expand and grow.

Reflecting upon your life and who you are is not about judging yourself or labeling yourself in any way. It’s more about taking a massive inventory on what makes you happy, and what doesn’t satisfy you any longer. Inner reflection includes a deeper spiritual consideration, allowing you to take a big step back from it all so you may see clearly what it is that you want, and don’t want to manifest anymore. Looking at your life from a bird’s eye view helps you get to know yourself more clearly, have more respect for you, and have more compassion as well. This makes your life path easier to walk along each day.

When we take the time to redefine who we are and what our life mission truly is, a very crystal clear distinction suddenly arises between what we DO want to create tomorrow, and what we DO NOT want at all. The awareness of this distinction is vital for your heart’s happiness. The contentment of your soul is the priority Trixi and when you rediscover your ability to know clearly what you want to manifest tomorrow, you’ll be able to fully enjoy every breath you take. This is your life, so make it a natural choice to sit back and have more FUN on this amazing human ride.

The attitude you have right now towards yourself and life is greatly responsible for everything you experience. Every good and bad experience you have comes from your attitude about yourself. Everything amazing you have manifested in your past, showed up because you had a positive attitude about you!! What is your attitude like about you? Does it need a tune up? I find the most powerful attitude changer we can take on is this. Make the deep commitment to always be gentle with yourself no matter what life throws at you. Make gentleness your world, leave the details up to God, and your attitude towards yourself and life is guaranteed to be amazing.

It’s also good to know that whatever you did in your past, whatever actions you took or did not take, are perfect just the way they are. The Universe is made up of Divine Intelligence, and so whatever happened was for the highest good of all. Whatever you did in the past that you feel was wrong, was a reflection of your attitude towards yourself, who you believed YOU were at that point in your journey. The good news is that who we think we are is always going to change like the wind. The only thing that does not change is the infinite spiritual being, the divine spirit/soul who you truly are.

Your real spiritual essence is like the sky above… it is infinite so you cannot get anything to stick to it!  Your soul has the quality of permanent innocence, which means you are The Perfection at the very core. Get to know this. Let go of your past. The reason you did things that you regret, was because your soul was just following the mind’s programming that was handed down by your parents and their parents and so on. Your soul is always on track and it can never be tainted or harmed by anything of this world. Nobody can touch or harm your soul. Nothing you have done or was done to you, has permanently damaged your soul. Nothing can change the fact that you are a spiritual being intimately connected to God for eternity. This is the deepest spiritual truth. Respect it when diving into any deep consideration about who/what you think you are.

“He who thinks he is the doer is also the sufferer.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Below are 3 suggestions to help you to manifest your best possible life. Follow these suggestions and soon you’ll see that you truly blossom and uncover the most sweet enriching delightful experiences of yourself you never knew were possible!

Make an extensive list of your dark and light parts. What do you love and hate about yourself? What are you afraid to look at and admit? Get to know yourself in the deepest, and most intimate way. Be radically honest. Find out everything you’re still running from, avoiding and afraid of, and everything that you love, treasure and adore. Knowing the darkest and lightest aspects of yourself are both needed, so that you can make actual decisions in life. Knowing all your parts allow you to have discernment, make better decisions, feel confident in your life direction, and step up on stage of life to play out the most amazingly meaningful role that you can imagine!! After you have a clearer understanding of your dark and light aspects, you’ll have a better understanding of what your heart truly desires to manifest.
Get in touch with your life purpose and soul’s intention. Why are you here? What do you want to experience in this life? Write down a list of intentions that feel solid, authentic and real. What desires help you to relax deeper into you? A life without an intention is like a boat without a steering wheel and a rudder. We can feel trapped, lost, and powerless as we are constantly being blown across the seas of life wherever the wind decides to blow. Remember, vague intentions manifest vague results, while specific intentions manifest specific results. It’s that easy! So be super clear about what you want to create, experience, manifest, and attract into your life! Think about what you want in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. Dream big because you can and you deserve to have the most amazing life you can imagine!

Be gentle with yourself no matter what happens. We cannot predict the future perfectly 100% of the time. Life is going to throw you a few curve balls that you’re not going to see coming, and you may not be completely emotionally prepared when they hit you. The best way to deal with them, is to be gentle with yourself if you don’t handle the situation in the most kind, loving, or conscious way. We are a product of our past conditioning so its not 100% your fault if you are not a fully enlightened conscious being already and happen to react to someone in a negative way. There is always room for more forgiveness and gentleness in life. This is our ultimate responsibility, and much much more important than getting life perfect. We cannot expect to be perfect or successful all the time in life, otherwise we would never take the risk to do anything new. It’s our failures and shortcomings that give us roots that truly make us grow and evolve.

“Outer circumstances don’t need so much effort to be changed but the inner lethargy is centuries old. The unconsciousness is so primitive, its roots are so deep, that it needs a total determination on your part, a tremendous determination, a commitment, a deep involvement. You have to risk all. Unless that happens it is impossible to change yourself, you will remain the same.” ~Osho.

Perhaps the most important fact to understand is this. We are powerful manifesting machines. We cannot stop manifesting our lives no matter what we do. We are always creating something with our thoughts. Whatever we focus on is what we attract more of. We are attracting either what we want or don’t want all the time! You can never ever turn off the manifesting flow as long as you are living inside this human body. So you might as well get clear about what you want and intend to manifest in your future, because it is 100% certain that something is going to happen tomorrow morning. When you create crystal clear intentions about what you want, the Universe has a much better chance at delivering the goodies to you, knowing exactly in which direction your rudder is pointing.

Lastly, remember that others can only do their best given the resources that they were given. So anchor in the habit to forgive others quickly. Let go of whatever happened as fast as you possibly can. Release the memory of those things that bring you down or throw you into the emotional dumpster. You have the choice to not identify with any memory you have. Try not to take anything personally. We are all doing our best with the resources we have. Forgiveness is the best way to feel better instantly. Life becomes much easier to sit back, enjoy being the observer, and watch this amazing dark and light magical play of life act itself out on the big stage. By living life with these 3 suggestions of knowing yourself, having authentic intention and being gentle with you, is by far the most empowering way you can act out the lifelong play you are in.

Here is a great enlightening affirmation to read every morning in bed. Enjoy!!!
Today just might be the best day of my life.

It is possible for this to happen, especially 

really taking care of my body and mind today.

I am going to eat only those foods that make me FEEL more alive

so I can experience the highest vibration and consciousness possible.

I will exercise today to build up more energy, strength and vitality.

I will keep my heart open, being friendly and kind with everyone I meet.

I will be more honest, vulnerable and loving today than yesterday.

 I am letting go of any bad habit that doesn’t support me

 in creating my highest health and happiness.

I will replace old unhealthy habits with

new habits that make me feel good!

I am committed to being more grounded, real,

dependable, loving and authentic human being.

I am available and open to receiving an abudance of love!

I am 100% committed to appreciating my life as it is, 

As I am manifesting the most amazing life that I can imagine.

 I choose this life now and I am open to something

even more amazing to manifest into my future tomorrow.

  And so it is.

With love, respect and true devotion,
Jafree Ozwald

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Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Dreams are great.  Dreams are amazing.  I love dreams, I love day dreams, and I love visualizing, which to me is kind of a combination of dreams and day dreams.  Those things are great, but how do we make them come true?  How do we get to have all our dreams.  By believing in them 100%, never wavering in that belief, and above all, being committed to their coming true.  If you are not fully committed to your dreams, they are not going to come to fruition.  Let’s take my favorite day dream.  I call it, “How will I spend my winning powerball jackpot.”  This is one of my favorite day dreams.  There is a lot about this day dream coming true that I don’t control.  I don’t control the jackpot, I don’t control what numbers are pulled, and I don’t control how many people may have the same winning number as me.  So with all those things that I don’t control, how do I remain committed to this day dream coming true?  By doing the one thing I can control.  I buy the ticket.  LOL  I know, it’s not a great example, but at the same time, it’s a wonderful example.  I have made a commitment to that particular day dream coming true and I honor that commitment by buying my ticket.  Believe in your dreams and dedicate yourself to them and they will turn into reality.



Goals are great…in fact, goals are awesome.  I set goals all the time.  And by all the time, I mean ALL the time.  I kind of lack on the follow through, or the dedication needed to get them to fruition.  But that’s where your success comes from.  It’s not from the setting of the goals, it’s in the dedication it takes to see them through.  It’s a challenge to marshal the discipline needed t follow through, but if you want it bad enough, you can do it.  So set your goals ( I know I will) but be willing to focus your energy to see them through.  That dedication is where your success comes from.

What Really Matters

As you know, I use these quotes in my classes every day, and I love discussing them with my students.  Sometimes they have some pretty interesting responses, and sometimes they just have no clue what the quote is saying.  Today was one of those days.  I had at least one student in every class tell me they didn’t understand what this quote was saying.  Even after we discussed it, and I broke it down, they really had no clue.  I found this to be so sad because they really have no grasp of the fact that ideals, values, morals, love, happiness and other intangibles mean so much more than having the latest phone, or seven different pairs of sneakers to wear.  Things are important – you need shoes, you need clothing, and it’s nice to have nice things.  But those nice things aren’t the most important thing in our lives.  What matters are those intangibles, the ones you can’t physically count.  Being happy, being a good person, those are the things that are important.  Focus on them, for they are what matter.

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“If all you did was just look for things to appreciate
you would live a joyous, spectacular life.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Loss and Gain

At first reading, this seems pretty darn harsh.  Losing everything?  That’s pretty extreme.  But really think about it.  You have to make room in your life for what you really want.  Do you remember when you were little and your mom saying if you got a new toy you needed to get rid of an old toy?  Life is kind of like that, I think.  To make room in your life for the things you truly want, you have to rid of some of the other stuff.  So think about what you really want.  I, for example, want love and happiness.  So what am I going to get rid of to let those things in my life?  I am trying to get rid of negativity and anger.  I know you’re probably saying, but wait, who chooses anger and negativity.  Honestly, we do, every day. Things happen, we get angry and a lot of times we choose to hang on to that anger. That anger takes up room in our lives, and it doesn’t leave room for something else.  And there are even people who think they need things like anger to get ahead.  It fuels them, they think.  I don’t think we need things like that.  So get rid of those things that you thought you needed and open your life to let in all the things that you truly want.



When I first read this quote, I thought it was so depressing.  But like all good quotes it took some thinking on my part to really get to what this means.  I kept focusing on the why it never worked out part.  But guess what, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  People come in and out of our lives all the time.  It would be great if they all could stay, but that might get a bit crowded, lol.  The thing to do is celebrate the people who are in your life, and celebrate the ones who have left because knowing them has brought something into your life.  That is a wonderful thing.  Even if they weren’t destined to remain in your life, at some point, they were there.  They enriched your life, and you have enriched theirs, so celebrate that even as you celebrate the joy the people who are destined to remain in your life bring you.


Where Will You Dwell?

Today, I made an epic mistake.  I chose to dwell in the wrong place for far too long a time.  Nothing I did could shake the negative mood that overwhelmed me.  I actually kind of felt like Eeyore the Donkey.  It sucked, but you know what?  It’s okay.  I was stuck in that horrible negative mood, and I dwelled for far too long, but I also know that tomorrow is a new day, and I’m not going to allow this negative mood to stick around much longer.  I may have stayed there longer than I should have, but i”m not going to stay there forever.   I’m consciously choosing peace and joy.  That’s the great thing about this life.  We get to make mistakes, and more importantly, we get to learn from them and move on.  I’ve learned that sometimes there are bad days, but we are stronger than the occasional bad day, and we can rise above it to a place of happiness.


Make the Time

Think about how many times you’ve said that you don’t have the time.  Really think about it.  Then think about what you did that day.  Chances are, you really did have the time.  Time is precious, and we’re all busy, but if you want to do something, I mean REALLY want to do it, you’ll make the time.  Do it or don’t do it, the choice is yours.  But OWN your choice.  Yes, there will actually be times when you don’t have the time, but be honest with yourself.  You owe that to yourself.  If you’re just lacking the will, sit down and figure out why.  Maybe the path you’re avoiding really isn’t the right path for you.  And if it is – push yourself to go down it and make the time to get it done.



Life is full of choices.  We make them all the time.  What to eat, what to wear, what to say and what to do.  We make choices all the time. It boggles my mind that the one choice we don’t make is the choice to be happy.  We just take what life throws at us, and we react to it.  You don’t have to do that….you have a choice.  When life gets you down, make the conscious decision to be happy.  Don’t ignore what’s getting you down, don’t avoid it, but look it squarely in the face (figuratively of course) and say “Yeah, this is happening, but I’m not going to let it get me down.” Look for solutions, look for ways to fix it, and above all, laugh and find joy in the other things around you.  Choose hope, not sadness, choose joy and not despair.  Above all, choose YOU!



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