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The Fruition of a Dream

Lets talk about dreams and goals.  First there is a dream, and from the dream comes the goal, right?  It makes sense.  There are long term goals and there are short term goals.  Again, none of this is new and it’s not rocket science.  A short term goal may be to lose 50 pounds, and a long term goal may be to maintain the healthy lifestyle that helped you to lose that 50 pounds.  But what about a goal that is so far reaching that you may not actually reach it?  My thought process is so what.  Think about researchers in the medical field.  They may start working on a cure for some illness, but that cure may not be found for many years.  Should they have not started because they weren’t going to see the realization of their goal?  Of course not.  You may be the one who lays the groundwork that ends world hunger, or your work may find the cure for cancer.  You don’t know how what you do today is going to impact the future.  The child you’re caring for and raising today, may eventually be the grandparent of the person who brings our world together in peace in harmony.  So dream your dreams, and set your goals, and never give up because you never know what the future may bring.



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