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Defining Success

I love this definition of success, and according to this definition, most of us should be able to claim success.  I think most of us tend to like what we do and how we’re doing it.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t continue to do it.  The sticking point, I think, is going to be liking ourselves.  I don’t think that most of us like ourselves deep down.  Think about it, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Do you notice your great smile, or your beautiful eyes, or do you notice your faults.  They grey hair, or the crooked teeth.  And think about when you get dressed in the morning.  Are you celebrating the fact that you lost 10 pounds and are in a smaller size, or are you instead, looking at the 25 more pounds you need to lose?  We tend to be our own worst enemies, and we fill our heads with negative self talk.  It’s pretty destructive, and it’s standing in the way of our success.  Start liking yourself, in fact, start LOVING yourself, because honestly, you’re pretty darn amazing.  Liking yourself is the first and hardest step to success, which is a shame, it should be the easiest step, because as I said, you’re an amazing individual.



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