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Taking a Stand

I’m not going to lie…the positive thoughts this week were chosen in response to the political sh*t storm that has exploded in the past couple o weeks.  I’m NOT going to make a political stand here – I have a view, you have a view, and guess what, we’re all entitled to our views and have the right to air them.  THAT’S what this post is about.  We all have views, and we have different views.  I may thing my views are right and you may think yours are right.  This is NOT about who is right and who is wrong.  This is to celebrate the fact that people are taking a stand about something.  I think a lot of us have become complacent and when that happens, bad things can happen.  Regardless of your views, it’s always good to take a stand.  When we stop caring, we stop living, we just drift along.  Complacency isn’t life, it’s a death sentence.

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