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Create Your Vision

I was talking to somebody about visualizing and they were sharing some of the things they were trying to visualize, and I have to say, they set the visualization bar super low.  So we got to talking about that, and they said they didn’t feel right asking for so much awesomeness in their life.  I asked them if they ever played my favorite game.  It’s called “What if I won the lottery?”  Man I love that game.  I can spend that money like it’s nothing, and they said of course, pretty much everyone plays that game, but it’s just a daydream.  That was kind of my point.  You don’t limit yourself on your daydreams, why oh why would you limit yourself on your visualizations?  If you want it, GO for it.  Reach for the stars.  Visualize your perfect life, with your perfect things.  Don’t dream of mediocrity; dream of the fantastic.  It can be yours, you just have to believe it to be true.


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