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Where Will You Dwell?

Today, I made an epic mistake.  I chose to dwell in the wrong place for far too long a time.  Nothing I did could shake the negative mood that overwhelmed me.  I actually kind of felt like Eeyore the Donkey.  It sucked, but you know what?  It’s okay.  I was stuck in that horrible negative mood, and I dwelled for far too long, but I also know that tomorrow is a new day, and I’m not going to allow this negative mood to stick around much longer.  I may have stayed there longer than I should have, but i”m not going to stay there forever.   I’m consciously choosing peace and joy.  That’s the great thing about this life.  We get to make mistakes, and more importantly, we get to learn from them and move on.  I’ve learned that sometimes there are bad days, but we are stronger than the occasional bad day, and we can rise above it to a place of happiness.


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