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When I first read this quote, I thought it was so depressing.  But like all good quotes it took some thinking on my part to really get to what this means.  I kept focusing on the why it never worked out part.  But guess what, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  People come in and out of our lives all the time.  It would be great if they all could stay, but that might get a bit crowded, lol.  The thing to do is celebrate the people who are in your life, and celebrate the ones who have left because knowing them has brought something into your life.  That is a wonderful thing.  Even if they weren’t destined to remain in your life, at some point, they were there.  They enriched your life, and you have enriched theirs, so celebrate that even as you celebrate the joy the people who are destined to remain in your life bring you.


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