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Loss and Gain

At first reading, this seems pretty darn harsh.  Losing everything?  That’s pretty extreme.  But really think about it.  You have to make room in your life for what you really want.  Do you remember when you were little and your mom saying if you got a new toy you needed to get rid of an old toy?  Life is kind of like that, I think.  To make room in your life for the things you truly want, you have to rid of some of the other stuff.  So think about what you really want.  I, for example, want love and happiness.  So what am I going to get rid of to let those things in my life?  I am trying to get rid of negativity and anger.  I know you’re probably saying, but wait, who chooses anger and negativity.  Honestly, we do, every day. Things happen, we get angry and a lot of times we choose to hang on to that anger. That anger takes up room in our lives, and it doesn’t leave room for something else.  And there are even people who think they need things like anger to get ahead.  It fuels them, they think.  I don’t think we need things like that.  So get rid of those things that you thought you needed and open your life to let in all the things that you truly want.


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