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What Really Matters

As you know, I use these quotes in my classes every day, and I love discussing them with my students.  Sometimes they have some pretty interesting responses, and sometimes they just have no clue what the quote is saying.  Today was one of those days.  I had at least one student in every class tell me they didn’t understand what this quote was saying.  Even after we discussed it, and I broke it down, they really had no clue.  I found this to be so sad because they really have no grasp of the fact that ideals, values, morals, love, happiness and other intangibles mean so much more than having the latest phone, or seven different pairs of sneakers to wear.  Things are important – you need shoes, you need clothing, and it’s nice to have nice things.  But those nice things aren’t the most important thing in our lives.  What matters are those intangibles, the ones you can’t physically count.  Being happy, being a good person, those are the things that are important.  Focus on them, for they are what matter.

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