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Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Dreams are great.  Dreams are amazing.  I love dreams, I love day dreams, and I love visualizing, which to me is kind of a combination of dreams and day dreams.  Those things are great, but how do we make them come true?  How do we get to have all our dreams.  By believing in them 100%, never wavering in that belief, and above all, being committed to their coming true.  If you are not fully committed to your dreams, they are not going to come to fruition.  Let’s take my favorite day dream.  I call it, “How will I spend my winning powerball jackpot.”  This is one of my favorite day dreams.  There is a lot about this day dream coming true that I don’t control.  I don’t control the jackpot, I don’t control what numbers are pulled, and I don’t control how many people may have the same winning number as me.  So with all those things that I don’t control, how do I remain committed to this day dream coming true?  By doing the one thing I can control.  I buy the ticket.  LOL  I know, it’s not a great example, but at the same time, it’s a wonderful example.  I have made a commitment to that particular day dream coming true and I honor that commitment by buying my ticket.  Believe in your dreams and dedicate yourself to them and they will turn into reality.


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