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Where is the man who has the strength to be true, and to show himself as he is? – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A lot of talk this week about being true to yourself and if you are true to yourself, you’ll be true to others by default.  Today’s quote focuses more on other people being true.  I know you cannot control the actions of others, you can only control how you react to them.  It would still be nice however to be surrounded by others who are being true to themselves while you’re being true to yourself.  If the world were like that, it would be a far happier place.  However, the world is not like that, and unfortunately we are surrounded with a lot of people who mistake being true to themselves with looking out for number one.  There is an inherent difference between those two things.  When you’re being true to yourself, you are honoring yourself and being honest with yourself.  That is very different than looking out for number one.  When you do that, you put yourself first no matter what and no matter how it impacts those around you.  Sadly, there is a lot of that in this world.  So while others may not be being true to themselves, persevere and be true to you.  Maybe it will start to rub off on those around.


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