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Let’s Be Real

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic to know that life is a complex matter. – Walt Disney

I am all about thinking positive, and finding the good in everything.  It’s not just something I say, I really try to live my life that way.  But sometimes, life just sucks.  Things happen, or people happen, or it’s just generally a bad, craptacular time.  Those times happen, and there are no two ways about it.  Most of the time, the things that make it so blechy are completely and totally out of your control, and you kind of just have to go with it and get through it.  You have to be realistic, life is not sunshine perfect 24/7. If it was, this would be a kind of Stepford Wives life.  But we don’t live in Stepford world, we live in this world and things go wrong, people are jerks and sometimes, life just sucks.  That’s when you really have to turn on the positive thinking and focus on the good.  But what if it’s so craptacular that you can’t, and you feel like you’re being totally overwhelmed with the badness?  Well in that case you have a couple of choice.  First you can just give in to the blech and let it swallow you up – but I don’t recommend that too much.  Second, you can grab on to a positive thought – any positive thought, no matter how small and focus on it or third, you can remember that nothing, and I mean nothing lasts forever, and that includes the yuckiness that may be filling your days.  So put on some loud music and try and drown out the yuckiness, or maybe exercise and sweat it away, and no matter what, hold on to the thought that you live in the real world, and in the real world, those bad days do pass.

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