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Mistakes can be Good

You need to make mistakes to learn. You need to experience it all to create your amazing life.

I am not a perfect person.  I don’t pretend to be, nor do I want to be.  I make mistakes – frequently in fact, and I’m going to continue to do so.  Why?  Because I’m human, and making mistakes is one of the ways we learn.  We do things, and sometimes they work out really well, and that’s great, and we do learn from that.  But how boring would it be if everything we tried worked out perfectly all the time?  Luckily, they don’t.  Sometimes we do things we do things and they don’t go as well, and again we learn.  Sometimes what looks like a mistake turns out to be something entirely different.  Taking a wrong turn could lead you to a beautiful new destination, you just never know. Think about all those amazing science experiments that went long but led to other discoveries. And all the inventions that led to other inventions.    The cool thing is, all those learning experiences, the good and the bad all combine to help us create our wonderful and amazing lives.  So take the learning experiences as they come, the good and the bad.  Live them fully and in fact, revel in them,  because the are all coming together to help you create your amazing life.

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