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Surround Yourself with Dreamers

Stand often in the company of dreamers. They believe you can achieve impossible things. – Mary Anne Radmacher

I think we all like to think we’re supportive of our friends and family, and they’re supportive of us.  And we are, sort of.  If a friend or family member came to you, or you went to them needing help, chances are, you would do whatever you could for them and they’d do whatever they could for you.  That’s the way it works.  Now imagine you went to one of your friends with an amazing idea for a business, or a book you wanted to write, or a new career path, or an around the world vacation.  Would they support you 100% or would they point out the potential road blocks or pitfalls?  They’re not trying to rain on your parade, or at least they don’t believe so, any more than you would try and rain on their parade.  They’d probably say they’re playing devil’s advocate.  And yes, maybe you do need someone to help you look at your dreams from all sides, but dreams are fragile, they need to be nurtured and cherished, not watered with a healthy dose of pragmatism.  So surround yourself with dreamers and bolster each others dreams, and do the impossible, because if you’re in the company of dreamers those dreams won’t be impossible any longer.

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