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No Limits

Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future. – Charles Kettering

When I first read this quote, I was like “duh.”  But then, I started reflecting.  For me this is a no-brainer.  I have, and have always had a super active imagination.  In fact, I’ve been accused, far too often, of living inside my head, tv, and books far too often.  It boggles my mind when people say they don’t have any imagination, because they sincerely believe it.  In my mind, I can accomplish anything, and I have lots of great dreams and visions.  I sometimes lack the follow through, as I mentioned yesterday, but I can envision my dream scenario with so much clarity.  I can see it, taste it and touch it!  But what if you can’t envision it? What if you are limited because you think you have no imagination?  No!  Don’t limit yourself.  Stretch your imagination.  Explore the world in books.  Allow yourself to daydream.  Build that imagination…discover the joy in day dreams.  Envision the life you want to live.  You can do it.  Your future shouldn’t have any limits.

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