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I’m Not Strong, or Am I?

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. ?Bob Marley

When I picked out this quote Sunday night, I had all sorts of thoughts flitting through my head about inner strength and fortitude.  Today, however, I want to cry bull!  I feel like everything is spiraling out of control and I’m being pulled in ninety seven different directions at once.  Strong is the very last thing that I’m thinking of when I look at myself today.  I’m not strong, or am I?

I'm not strong, am I?I literally feel like curling up in a ball, climbing back into my bed, pulling the blankets up over my head and never coming out again.  But guess what, I did get up, I came to work and I’m doing a damn good job of interacting with my students while dealing with the other ninety six things that are yanking on me.   And as far as my students go, it’s my prep time, so relax, I’m not neglecting them, lol.

Being strong isn’t always physical, and being strong emotionally looks different on every different person.  Some people have some pretty tough rows to hoe, and I’m not big into judging or comparing, but right now, my rows seem endless, and I don’t know if I’m going to get to the end.  Except, I am.  I don’t have a choice.  Curling up in my bed and hiding isn’t an option.  So I go on.  So do you.  We make the best of the bad times and power through because that’s what life is.  The bad times don’t last and there are good times ahead.  So I’m just going to take those ninety seven things that are pulling at me and handle them one at a time as best I can, because you know what, I am strong, and so are you!

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