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Such Simple Advice

Count your blessings – not your troubles. – Dale Carnegie

Count your blessings, not your troubles.  It’s such simple advice, but it’s so difficult to follow.  For years, I lived my life with the motto  “hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”  It always made perfect sense to me.  I was being optimistic by hoping for the best, but hedging my bets and having a plan such simple advicein place in case there was a giant kerfluffle.  As you can imagine there were a lot of kerfluffles.  If you subscribe to the Law of Attraction, which I do, I was causing those problems by creating a plan for them.  Because when I make a plan, it’s a PLAN.   I could probably have organized the D-Day invasion if asked.  However, I was so focused on planning for what could go wrong, I probably brought it into fruition.  And the few times that it didn’t happen, I was so busy planning for what may happen that I missed out on what did happen.  I never took the time to count my blessings

Imagine what it would be like if we all did that.  What if, first thing in the morning, after the alarm went off, you just lay there snug in your bed and thought about all the good things you have in life?  Not just thought about them, but were thankful for them!  You should be, and I should be. I’m still not as good as this as I would like, but I do try every day to be thankful.  I have a job, I have wonderful kids.  Those are two really big things. And when I start to think about what I don’t have, I quickly try to turn it around and focus on the haves again.  It’s tricky.  I’m happy and grateful for having my car, but the next thought is usually that it needs work on it, or it has a payment due.  Those are things to acknowledge, but not focus on or obsess over.

So take some time and join me in following what is such simple advice.  I think you’ll be happier for it, and I know I will be as well.

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  1. Good advice!!

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