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It’s All About the Bliss

When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else. ? Joseph Campbell

I’ve had a multitude of jobs in my life.  I’ve had the typical student type jobs.  I worked at a ski area in the snack bar, I worked at the mall and I had a fast food job in college.  The were jobs, and they were okay for making cash, they were even fun, but they didn’t bring me bliss, and it’s all about the bliss, after all.  After college, I worked in a bank, and I hated that.  If anything, it was the anti-bliss job.  From there, I went to work at a car dealership, it's all about the blissand that is where the bliss began.

At one point in my tenure at this place, I literally felt complete and total joy in doing my job.  The days flew by, and I was incredibly happy.  I felt like I was singing and dancing my way through life at that point.  But it was a job, and it wasn’t a career.  It paid my bills, it made me happy, and guess what, it opened doors for me that may have never been opened, otherwise.  See, I used to always have a radio playing, but because of the structure of the building, the only station that came in was  local station.  Well one day on that station I heard an advertisement for a local school and their new continuing education program.  Work full time and finish your degree at night in 8 week terms.  Bam – open door. It was an opportunity to fix some past mistakes from when I was in college and finish my degree.  This of course led to my undergraduate degree in psych and my M.Ed in elementary ed.

I firmly believe that because I was so happy, and yes, I was even blissful that it opened a door for me that never would have opened otherwise.  I didn’t ever listen to that radio station, and I would have never, ever heard that commercial if I wasn’t at that particular job that brought me so much happiness.  So find your joy, find what makes you happy and do it.  It’s going to lead you to things you never ever imagined.  So find it, follow it and love what comes with it, because it’s all about the bliss, after all.

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