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Don’t Take the Easy Way

Don’t Limit Your Challenges… Challenge Your Limits. – Anonymous

I was sitting at school today talking with some of my junior class officers about the classes they’re taking next year for their senior year.  I was blown don't take the easy wayaway by what they were telling me.  One boy is taking 5 AP classes!  One girl was concerned because she didn’t think pre-calc was going to challenge her.  To my way of thinking, your senior year is a time to relax, take some fun classes, and focus on applying for college.  According to them I am wrong, and you know what.  I am.  Don’t take the easy way!

What would our world be like if we all took the easy path.  If we didn’t challenge ourselves? Don’t take the easy way.  Push yourself. Try new things.  Set goals, meet them and set new ones.  Always keep reaching higher and higher.  Don’t say I can’t.  Say I will.  Always push your personal envelope to go further than you have before.

This is your life.  It’s the only one you get.  Do you want to just coast through it, or do you want to try and be the best you can possibly be?  Don’t take the easy way through life.  Always strive to do more and be more.

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