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The Time is Now

Don’t wait until everything is just right…There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you grow stronger and stronger. – Mark Victor Hansen

I’m sitting here today completely exhausted from an extremely busy senior week at school, thinking about all of the things I still need to get done for

the time is now

both work, and myself and wondering how it’s going to get done. Well here’s the thing. I can spend all this time thinking about it, or I can just start doing it. There is no better time to start than right now. The time is now. Not later, not tomorrow, not next Monday or next month. The time is now and there is no better time.

Procrastination is a huge problem for me. Now there can be some benefits to delaying something a little bit while you weigh your options and figure out strategies. That can be sensible. But flat out waiting to start because you’re waiting for the perfect time. Well that’s just pointless. There is never ever going to be a perfect time, or a perfect scenario to start something. So why wait?

The thing is, life is messy, and perfectly imperfect. So if you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to do something, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. If you want to do something, the time is now! Just summon your courage and take that first step. That’s the hardest part. But you can do it. Just don’t be afraid to start. The time is now!

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