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Work Play Repeat

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it. – Eileen Caddy

work play repeatThere are times when it seems like all we do is work, work, work.  Sorry if you now have a Rhianna ear worm going on.  Yeah, we have to work and get stuff done.  But we have to have fun too.  You know how the shampoo directions are lather, rinse, repeat?  Well that’s an set of directions for life.  Work, play repeat.

What good is working if that’s all you do and you don’t get to enjoy the benefits of that work?  I don’t think there are any.  Even if you love your work, you can’t do it all the time.  You need some down time to recharge your batteries.  That’s where the play comes in.  It doesn’t mean you have to schedule a rousing game of touch football, or a killer game of Monopoly, though both those things are fun.  What it does mean is that you need to take some down time and just enjoy life.

Work, play repeat.  It’s a simple direction but it can bring you immense amounts of happiness.  So yes, work, be responsible and do what you need to do.  Just don’t forget to add some play time to your schedule.

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