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Be Happy Now

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. – Jim Rohn

I don’t know about you, but I’m a master at procrastination.  I’ve made no secret about that here.  It’s something I struggle with for a variety of reasons.  What I never thought about until I was reading this quote was the fact that I actually procrastinate with happiness, and that’s silly.  I should Be happy now, and so should you.

be happy nowIn the morning, when I get to work, I start counting the hours until work gets out because things will be less stressful then, and I can relax and be happy.  When I get home, I start doing the stuff I have to do at home, and I’m counting down the time until bedtime so I can relax, and when I’m relaxed, I’ll be happy.  But guess what, I usually fall asleep and I get up the next morning and start the whole routine over again.  I’m also counting down the days until the weekend because work will be over and that means happy time!  Or I’ll be happy when I get this bill paid off because I’ll hae more money to spend.  Seriously, it’s stupid of me.  I should just be happy now.

Now I can’t avoid work, just like I can’t avoid my other responsibilities like paying my bills or doing housework.  What I can do, and what you can do is stop putting off happiness until later.  Be happy now.  You’re alive!  Be happy about that.  You have a job to go to. It may not be your dream job, but hey, you have a job.  Be happy.  Stop waiting for later to be happy.  Be happy now, because right now is all you have.

However being happy can sometimes be a struggle, but there are always resources to help you.  Hopefully, this website is a resource for you.  Maybe you could start journaling and make a list of things to be happy about every day.  You can journal online at a free site like Live Journal or grab a notebook and start writing.  Volunteer to help others, that’s usually a great way to feel good.  There are also tons of books and websites you can visit.  I’ll include some links at the end of this post for you to check out if you’d like.  Be happy now, because honestly, if you’re working on being happy right now, I’m pretty positive the happiness will follow you into the future.

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