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It’s All About the Feels

More than anything else, people will always remember you for how you made them feel. – Shadonna Richards

When you think back on your life, there are events you remember, of course.  But what you remember more than anything else is feelings.  It’s all about the feels.  How you feel matters, and how you make others feel is equally as important.

Your attitude toward others (and theirs toward you) is the more important than you could ever imagine.  We remember how people made us feel.  When someone has supported us and built us up, that stays with you.  Conversely when someone isn’t supportive, or worse, causes you pain and hurt, you remember.  Those feelings don’t go away, and they can have a long reaching effect on you.

The way you treat others has a long reaching effect on them as well.  People will remember if you were good and kind to others, or if you were hurtful or hateful.  At the end of the day, how do you want to be remembered?  I’m thinking you want to be remembered as a kind, considerate and compassionate person who helps others.  It’s all about the feels.  Think about how the words you’re about to say would make you feel.  If it’s going to make you feel bad, chances are it’s going to hurt somebody else.  It all goes back to the golden rule treat others the way you want to be treated.

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