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Can Money Buy Happiness?

No amount of money will make you happy if you aren’t happy with yourself. – Anonymous

Can money buy happiness?  I don’t know because I’m not exactly rolling in it, lol.  But I’d certainly love the chance to find out!  In all seriousness though, happiness comes from inside.  If you’re not happy with yourself, money won’t make you happy.

You can’t find your happiness from external sources.  I know it’s easy to think that if you have the newest car, or a bigger house or furniture to fill that house your going to be happy.  No, you’ll be comfortable, and have a great new ride to work.

But how do you become happy with yourself?  It’s actually kind of challenging (I think) and it’s almost easier to be not happy with yourself than it is to be happy with yourself.  It may take some work, but it work worth doing.  Look inside yourself and think about all the greatness about you!  You are pretty awesome after all.  So while the money is a good thing, and like I said, I wouldn’t mind having more, that’s not what makes you happy…the biggest thing that will make you happy is you!

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