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Focus your conscious mind on things you desire not things you fear. Doing so brings dreams to life. – Anonymous

How often do you find yourself focusing on all the negatives in your life instead of focusing on your dreams?  Probably a lot.  It’s so hard not to focus on the negatives. We get bills in the mail, horrible news on the television and in the papers. It’s all around us.  But our dreams live inside of us, and those dreams are what we need to focus on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ignore what’s going on in the world, or in your life.  You can’t really do that, but don’t obsess over it, don’t dwell on those things and give them all your energy.  Instead, focus your energy, your mind on your goals and your dreams.  Direct your energy on your dreams.

When you focus your energy on the negative, it becomes bigger and more powerful. The opposite is true, when you focus your energy on your dreams, they too become bigger and more powerful.  Where does it make more sense to direct your energy? Do you want to make your fears and negative thoughts grow or do you want to make your dreams grow.

My money is on making my dreams grow.  Take time every day to focus all your energy on your goals and dreams.  Make them grow and bring them to life.

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