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Rules to Live By

Formula to live your dream:

1. Be bold.   2. Begin now. 3. No exceptions.– William James

I’m a huge fan of NCIS and Gibbs rules. We need rules in our lives, and these rules by William James are rules to live by.  They are not hard, there isn’t a lot to memorize and there are just three of them

If you follow these three rules to live by and apply them to your goals, they will help you reach those goals, and in fact not just reach them, but crush them! The first one be bold is a bit subjective.  What is bold for me may be easy peasy for you, but that’s okay, because they are my goals and my dreams but not yours.  So dream and dream boldly. Reach for the stars.  Don’t think small, now isn’t the time.

Rule number 2 in these rules to live by is the biggie as far as I’m concerned.  Begin Now!  You have to start in order to live your dreams.  Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t say that tomorrow is a better time to start, or next week or next month or next year.  There is no better time than now to start living your dreams.  Start and start right now.  If your dream is to buy a new car, take the change in your pocket and put it in your piggy bank.  Don’t have any change?  Go for a walk and be sure and look down, even one penny will bring you closer to your goal than you would be if you didn’t start right now!

Rule number 3 is also pretty important – there are no exceptions.  Be bold, begin now, no exceptions.  Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t start right now, or why your dream is unattainable.  Those are excuses.  There are no excuses and no exceptions in our rules to live by.  Be bold, begin now, no exceptions.  Three pretty simple rules but they are indeed, rules to live by.

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