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The Secret

Manifesting What you REALLY Want! – The Secret BEHIND The Secret

It’s not too often that I can actually say I am blown away by a video I watched online, but this really impressed me:

–> Check them out here

Like many of you, I have been struggling for years to make the Law of Attraction work for me, not knowing that I was actually going about using it THE WRONG WAY!

You see, the key to using the Law of Attraction, and being able to manifest what you want and desire, is the proper use of visualization. The fact is, many people can’t properly visualize and create an emotional connection to what they are seeing. All that has now changed thanks to “Abundant Mind

Abundant Mind is being called “The Netflix of Subliminal Manifestation” because it contains a massive library of powerful, full motion, high resolution visualization videos that can be streamed on any internet connected device.

Unlike the visualization videos that already exist on the market, these are vastly superior because they use FIVE scientifically proven subconscious altering techniques. By using full motion themed video (not still images), a special audio track, affirmations, subliminal messages and binaural beats, these videos will completely change how you visualize and respond emotionally to visualizations. This could literally be the secret behind “The Secret”.

I have been using these for the last few days and I’m already seeing a difference. I highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day to check out this phenomenal connection of visualization videos.

Temple Run and the Law of Attraction

I have a new interest  issue addiction – it’s called Temple Run.  I had no idea what this game was until one day, I was riding in the car with my daughter and these very strange noises started coming from her tablet.  At first,  thought it was the car, but then she proceeded to explain the game Temple Run to me.  I tried it when I got home, and the rest is, as they say, history.  But I’m not here to talk about my little video game interest   issue   addiction.  What I want to talk about is how I am using this game and applying it to the Law of Attraction.

In Temple Run, there is a magnet bonus you can get and when you do, your character gets a glowy aura about it, and will automatically begin attracting coins.  Since attracting a lot of coins is one of the key aspects of the game, getting the magnet bonus is a good thing.

One morning, driving to work, I was running over my affirmations in my head and one phrase jumped out at me.  I am a magnet for luck, a magnet for love and a magnet for money and I attract all of these things to me.  A magnet.  A MAGNET – just like the magnet in Temple Run.

I am a magnet for luck, a magnet for love and a magnet for money and I attract all of these things to me.

Now I will be the first to admit that it doesn’t take much to get me excited, or make me happy (you should have seen me the day my ezpass transponder came in the mail) but when I made this connection, I was over the moon.  It gave me a visual to apply to my affirmations.

I say these affirmations religiously, and I focus on them, but now, I am actually envisioning myself grabbing the magnet from Temple Run.  I see myself glowing like my little Temple Run character, and I visualize all these things coming to me and sticking to me with no effort, just they way the coins in Temple Run do.

I’ll be honest here.  Those images, those visuals make me happy, and they make me laugh every single time.  This in turn boosts my mood and guess what – because I’m happier, I’m sending out happier vibrations to the world, so guess what I’m getting back?  Yep, you got it – lots and lots of happiness.

All this because of a video game.  Who’d have thought?


Thinking Positive and Vision Boards

I know, I know, you think vision boards are weird, strange, new age-y or just plain stupid and a waste of time.  I’m here to say – not so much.  Vision boards are just a concrete tangible form of visualization and visualization techniques have been used for many years.  Professional athletes frequently use visualization techniques to improve their performance, as do many stage/screen performers, musicians and business people.  A vision board is merely a pictorial  representation of our wants and our goals.

Why am I bringing this up now?  It’s simple, really.  I’ve made several vision boards, on paper, on a bulletin board, and even a video set to music.  The other day I looked at my vision board and realized that I’d actually achieved quite a few of the wants/goals that I’d put on there.  Granted, I don’t have the bazillions of dollars that I want, or the McMansion of my dreams, but  when i look back at all the things I wanted that I did get, I know those other things are coming.

Why not make a vision board of your own?  It’s not hard, plus it’s a chance to play with scissors and glue and even glitter if that’s what makes you happy.  Take a few minutes, flip through some magazines and find some pictures that represent YOUR goals.  Put them on a piece of poster board, or a bulletin board and focus on them.  Really focus!  See your self with that new car, or the camera, or the super duper computer, and KNOW and BELIEVE that it’s going to come to you, because if you believe it, it will.

Thinking Positive and the Law of Attraction

I received an email asking why, if this website is about thinking positive, am I posting information about the Law of Attraction?  It’s a valid question – and I have an answer.  Some may not consider it a valid answer, but it’s still an answer.  And of course, it’s a long and convoluted answer because that’s just the way I am – all convoluted.

I grew up with the mantra of plan for the worst, but hope for the best.  Not the greatest way to live your life, but it is how I was raised.  Then one day,  a co-worker loaned me a dvd called The Secret.  I’d seen the book in store for quite a while but I just ignored it.  In fact, I totally judged it by it’s cover (which I still dislike) and figured it was the dumbest book ever.    But I watched the dvd and WOW, I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.  Not the whole secret being passed down over generations or the manifesting of perfect parking spaces, but just by the whole concept.  Basically to me what it boiled down to was you get back what you put out, so why not put a positive attitude out there?  Because if you’re getting back what you put out there, getting positive stuff back is a good thing to me!

I’m not saying that this is the only philosophy out there, nor am I saying it is the best one.  What it is, however, is one that speaks very strongly to me, and I will continue to share interesting tidbits that I acquire along my journey.  There are many great resources there and I hope you’ll discover some of them.

Thanks for joining me on my continued journey toward a more positive life  – stick around, it’s all positive goodness from here!

Chris Cade – Happiness is where the Heart is

From Chris Cade

What would your life be like if you said and believed, “Today is a good day” independent of what actually happened to you? The answer to that question is what it means to be truly happy. However, if you want to discover the answer then you have to ask another question that goes deeper:

“What does my heart truly want?”

It is in the wanting that you discover how to feel truly lasting happiness. Society, and your life’s conditioning, have falsely led you to believe that the wantings of your heart must be fulfilled in order for you to be filled with happiness.

But nothing could be further from the truth…

How often have you heard about millionaires who are unhappy, even though they have “everything” anybody could ever want? The reason: Money can never buy what it represents. You hope that by having the money you will be happier, when in reality, most people would gladly give up all the money in the world just to be happy. Continue reading “Chris Cade – Happiness is where the Heart is” »

Vision Boards

Have you made a vision board yet? Why not? I mean, come on, crayons, scissors, glue, pictures and sparkles. It’s a chance to make a collage of your life’s dreams. It’s like art class, but without the grades. WOOT WOOT! Originally posted 3/27/09.

Vision boards are another tool I learned about from reading The Secret and watching the movie The Secret. Basically, you find pictures of things that you want and desire and create a collage of sorts. Does it work? Who knows, but I don’t think there can be anything wrong with finding pictures to represent what you want. It just helps you focus on those goals, and the more you focus, the better opportunity you have to achieve them.

If You Want It, Go And Get It

Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it. – Wayne Dyer

A lot of people struggle with this concept, especially if they’re fan’s of the book The Secret.  According to The Secret, it’s enough to ask the universe for something, believe that it’s yours, and you’ll get it. Ask, believe and receive is the mantra. I totally buy into this, to a point. If you want something, by all means, put it out there.  Some will say this is asking the universe, others will say it’s prayer.  I’m not going to argue either point.  I’m okay with believing it’s yours.  Believing is visualizing.  If you want a new car, imagine yourself sitting in the brand new car of your dreams.  Smell the new car scent in your mind, fell your hands gripping the steering wheel.  This is where The Secret and I part ways.  You can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen.  You have to work to make it happen.  Start shopping around, start saving money – enter contests to win new cars…it doesn’t matter, just be actively doing something to get yourself one step closer to that car, or whatever else you may have visualized.

I think it’s the combination of an unshakable belief that you will get what you want along with the working toward it that gets you to your goal.  If you believe you’re going to attain your goal, and don’t do anything to work towards it, you’re not going to get it.  If you work, work, work, but don’t have any clear vision of what you’re working toward, you’ll end up going in circles.  So figure out what you want, set that goal firmly in your mind and see yourself achieving that goal, and then get going!

I suppose by now you’re thinking…

That this person is a nut – either that, or they’ve read the book The Secret and it’s totally taken over their mind.

Well, I’m not a nut – well no more than anybody else.  I have read The Secret, and it DID change my life, but not in the way you’re thinking.

I haven’t manifested unlimited wealth and prosperity, or my dream car, or my perfect life. What The Secret did for me was to encourage me to change the way I think.  But it encouraged.  I did the changing.  I’m the one who decided that I could sit and dwell on the ho hum gloomy glum stuff that was going on in my life, or I could take 2 minutes and find the good and happy and positives in my day.

That’s all I want people to do – find the good in their day and CELEBRATE it.  Even if it’s finding a penny on the ground.  I mean, hey, that’s one more penny than you had previously, and it’s one more penny closer to that million dollars, right?

Be Positive, and remember – today has LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES!

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