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The Happiness Store

Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a store where you could go in and buy happiness?  I can just see the commercials now.  “Having a bad day?  Down in the dumps?  No need to worry.  Come to the Happy Store and pick yourself up a basket of happiness!”  Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.  There is no handy dandy store you can stop at and pick up some happiness.  Fortunately, there is something better.  There is you.  Happiness comes from within you, and from YOUR actions.  Your happiness comes from you.  Sure there are things other people may do that can impact your happiness. But in the end, only you are responsible for your happiness.  So when the gloomy Gusses of the world try and bring you down, reach deep inside of yourself and do something that makes you happy.  It all comes down to you and the choices you make.  Make the choice and choose Happy.

It’s Internal, Not External

Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitudes. – Dale Carnegie

I can’t stress this enough, and believe me, I say it over and over again with my students.  Your happiness is NOT dependent on other people, and it should not be impacted by the actions and behaviors of other people.  Why would you want to give any one person that much power over you and your life?  What other people say and do, really shouldn’t have any bearing on you and your mood.  People are always going to try and bring you down, or throw off your groove (just ask Disney’s Emperor).  That’s on them.  Don’t let it impact you. Your happiness comes from within.  If you are good with where you are in life, and who you are, you’re going to be happy.  If you’re less than thrilled with your situation, you can change it, and boom – happy!  I know if people are being challenging, it can drag you down, but you have to keep telling yourself, that’s their drama, their problem, their situation, don’t let it be yours.  When people try to rain your proverbial parade, pop up your umbrella and kick them to the curb.  You don’t need that negativity in your life.  Look inside and find your happiness!

It’s a Brand New Day

Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on. – Carrie Underwood


It’s actually pretty cool.  No matter how much of a catastrophe your day may have been (and some of mine have been pretty catastrophic lol) when that day is over, it’s over.  You can let go off all that happened and move on to the new day and the new things.  I’m not saying moving on from something is easy.  Letting go can be one of the hardest things you do.  But sometimes, you just have to do it.  Let go of a bad experience, move forward from a relationship that has ended, leave that job that is making you miserable.  It’s hard and it’s scary, but keeping yourself in negative situations and not allowing yourself to find happiness in the new is worse.  Move on to the new and different.  Find the happiness in what’s to come, not what was.

When is it Time to be Happy?

Happiness is not something you postpone or the future; it is something you design for the present. – Jim Rohn

When is it time to be happy?  Can you plan on being happy tomorrow?  Maybe schedule it into our planner for next week, or next month?  No!  The time to be happy is now.  I’m all for planning for the future, but we live in the now, and now is the time to be happy.  Do whatever it takes to to find your happiness in the here and now.  If you’re doing what it takes to be happy now, I’m betting that happiness will follow you into the future.  You can’t schedule happy, and you shouldn’t delay it and push it off for another time.  Take the happiness…no don’t take it, seize it and revel in it!  Be happy now 🙂


Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Dreams are great.  Dreams are amazing.  I love dreams, I love day dreams, and I love visualizing, which to me is kind of a combination of dreams and day dreams.  Those things are great, but how do we make them come true?  How do we get to have all our dreams.  By believing in them 100%, never wavering in that belief, and above all, being committed to their coming true.  If you are not fully committed to your dreams, they are not going to come to fruition.  Let’s take my favorite day dream.  I call it, “How will I spend my winning powerball jackpot.”  This is one of my favorite day dreams.  There is a lot about this day dream coming true that I don’t control.  I don’t control the jackpot, I don’t control what numbers are pulled, and I don’t control how many people may have the same winning number as me.  So with all those things that I don’t control, how do I remain committed to this day dream coming true?  By doing the one thing I can control.  I buy the ticket.  LOL  I know, it’s not a great example, but at the same time, it’s a wonderful example.  I have made a commitment to that particular day dream coming true and I honor that commitment by buying my ticket.  Believe in your dreams and dedicate yourself to them and they will turn into reality.



Goals are great…in fact, goals are awesome.  I set goals all the time.  And by all the time, I mean ALL the time.  I kind of lack on the follow through, or the dedication needed to get them to fruition.  But that’s where your success comes from.  It’s not from the setting of the goals, it’s in the dedication it takes to see them through.  It’s a challenge to marshal the discipline needed t follow through, but if you want it bad enough, you can do it.  So set your goals ( I know I will) but be willing to focus your energy to see them through.  That dedication is where your success comes from.

What Really Matters

As you know, I use these quotes in my classes every day, and I love discussing them with my students.  Sometimes they have some pretty interesting responses, and sometimes they just have no clue what the quote is saying.  Today was one of those days.  I had at least one student in every class tell me they didn’t understand what this quote was saying.  Even after we discussed it, and I broke it down, they really had no clue.  I found this to be so sad because they really have no grasp of the fact that ideals, values, morals, love, happiness and other intangibles mean so much more than having the latest phone, or seven different pairs of sneakers to wear.  Things are important – you need shoes, you need clothing, and it’s nice to have nice things.  But those nice things aren’t the most important thing in our lives.  What matters are those intangibles, the ones you can’t physically count.  Being happy, being a good person, those are the things that are important.  Focus on them, for they are what matter.

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“If all you did was just look for things to appreciate
you would live a joyous, spectacular life.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Loss and Gain

At first reading, this seems pretty darn harsh.  Losing everything?  That’s pretty extreme.  But really think about it.  You have to make room in your life for what you really want.  Do you remember when you were little and your mom saying if you got a new toy you needed to get rid of an old toy?  Life is kind of like that, I think.  To make room in your life for the things you truly want, you have to rid of some of the other stuff.  So think about what you really want.  I, for example, want love and happiness.  So what am I going to get rid of to let those things in my life?  I am trying to get rid of negativity and anger.  I know you’re probably saying, but wait, who chooses anger and negativity.  Honestly, we do, every day. Things happen, we get angry and a lot of times we choose to hang on to that anger. That anger takes up room in our lives, and it doesn’t leave room for something else.  And there are even people who think they need things like anger to get ahead.  It fuels them, they think.  I don’t think we need things like that.  So get rid of those things that you thought you needed and open your life to let in all the things that you truly want.



When I first read this quote, I thought it was so depressing.  But like all good quotes it took some thinking on my part to really get to what this means.  I kept focusing on the why it never worked out part.  But guess what, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  People come in and out of our lives all the time.  It would be great if they all could stay, but that might get a bit crowded, lol.  The thing to do is celebrate the people who are in your life, and celebrate the ones who have left because knowing them has brought something into your life.  That is a wonderful thing.  Even if they weren’t destined to remain in your life, at some point, they were there.  They enriched your life, and you have enriched theirs, so celebrate that even as you celebrate the joy the people who are destined to remain in your life bring you.


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