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What Makes a Leader

I was talking to a couple students the other day about  class officers at my school the other day about the various positions in their class office and what they think each position is supposed to do.  One of them told me that so and so would be a great president because they are so good at telling people what to do.  My heart broke a little bit in that second because that is NOT what makes a good leader.  The best way to lead is by example.  Instead of telling someone what to do, show them what you’re doing and they can emmulate your actions.  A true leader has the ability to encourage people, to help them realize their potential and to go further than they ever thought they could go.  That is what makes a leader, not the ability to tell someone what to do.  And don’t forget to look to others for the leadership they can provide to you.  We can’t all be leaders all of the time.  Sometimes it’s okay to allow others to lead and encourage you.



Diminish Fear

I’ve been thinking a lot about choices lately, and how nervous scared when I have to make a big one.  The little ones are a piece of cake, but the big ones can send me into a total freak fest.  But once I make a choice, that fear seems to dissipate.  It may not go away entirely, but once I’ve committed to the decision, the fear is a lot easier to deal with. The big question is, how do you make that decision and get over the mind wrenching fear.  I’m finding that most times, my initial reaction (gut instinct if you will) is usually spot on and it’s the best way to go.  So when you’re faced with a choice, listen to that inner voice that says which way to go, and commit to it.  You’ll probably be 100% happier.


The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction isn’t working well for you?  You’ve watched the video, you’ve read the book, in fact you’ve read many books and still you struggle.  It’s an exercise in frustration.  You’re living in default mode instead of design mode.  You’re conditioned to have low, or even empty expectations, but you cannot achieve success by slapping positive thoughts on top of empty expectations.  Trust me, I know.  I was banging my head against the wall.  I’m Joe positive…I’m always thinking positive and looking for the good everywhere and in everything.  But then I learned about The Secret of Deliberate Creation.  Dr. Robert Anthony breaks it all down and helps you to work through the roadblocks that are sabotaging your success.  If you want to learn more about this fantastic program, Click Here!  Give yourself permission to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, and start manifesting your heart’s desire.

Creating Tomorrow

I was talking about time travel with my students not too long ago – well more the ramifications of time travel.  If you go back in time and stop Hitler, will somebody even worse rise up tomorrow.  It was a good discussion and they really got into it.  From there we moved from the choices we make in time travel, to the real choices we make right now and how they influence our future.  Sadly, that’s where I lost them.  Its kind of hard to realize that every single choice we make and every single thing we do today is impacting our tomorrows.  So what exactly are you going to do today to create the tomorrow that you’re dreaming about?  Are you going to just keep dreaming about it, or are you going to start doing things to make sure it happens?  If you’ve always dreamed about being a writer, are you just going to sit there and hope the story comes out of your head and appears on paper, or are you going to start writing?  The things you do, the life you lead today brings you to the tomorrow of your dreams.  So start making the choices and decisions that will make your dreams come true.

Why Positive Thinking Alone Doesn’t Manifest Wealth


This might sound controversial to some people, but remember, I’ve spent half a lifetime surrounded by people who have achieved great success (financial included), so I know what I’m talking about here…


Positive thinking is NOT enough to bring you wealth.


No matter what other self-help experts out there tell you, it is NOT enough.


Positive Thinking by itself = Future disappointment


What you need is…


Positive Thinking + Skills/Mindset + Action = Great wealth


Here’s how to become a complete and total MAGNET for money…


==> The REAL secret to Total Money Magnetism


If you want to become wealthy then you need to learn how to reprogram your mind to THINK like a millionaire.


Society has programmed so many incorrect thoughts about how money works that it takes a lot more than just positive thinking for you
to become a magnet for it.


But… If you’re willing to change your way of thinking…


If you’re willing to forget the well meaning advice from your friends, family, school teachers, and so forth…


…If you’re willing to implant the brain of a millionaire into your head…
Then follow this link while it’s still online:


==> The REAL secret to Total Money Magnetism


I couldn’t recommend this any more highly.


It’s about to change your life for the better, if only you’re willing to take action and follow through with this.





It’s Time to Channel Your Inner Elsa

Let’s talk about grudges, and the uselessness of holding on to them – in the wrong way.  If somebody does you wrong, it’s going to make you angry, or disappointed.  Those are two of the knee-jerk reactions you’re going to have, and you can’t really do too much about it.  It’s going to happen.  It’s what happens next that matters the most.  You can hold on to that anger, and disappointment and let it fester inside of you.  And it will fester, and it will be festering in you.  It’s not going to do diddly to the person that you’re angry with.  They’ll just go merrily on their way while the hate and anger eat you up from the inside.  We all already know that is what is known as “NOT GOOD!”

Now imagine taking that anger and disappointment and letting go of it.  Like I said in the title of the post, channel your inner Elsa and just let it go.  Take the initial feelings of anger, rage, disappointment, whatever and acknowledge them.  They are real, they exist and to ignore them would be silly.  So acknowledge them, yeah, and even put them to work for you.  Use them to move away from the disappointment.  Take that energy to move forward and show the world you’re the bigger, better person.


New Year – New You!

Hi Everybody – my friend Lisa has this incredible program she wants to share with YOU!

Do you look into the mirror and wish you could see a more appealing version of you?
Have you ever wanted to be that dynamic personality whose very presence radiates positivity and attracts more love and respect?
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Do you feel that at the end of the day, you are so drained out and stressed, that you have no energy or space in your life for yourself?

Do you want to drain away the rest of your life like that too?


Are you seriously still thinking about the ideal life that you should be living?

Stop thinking now and do something about it!


Whoever made you think that a healthy, perfect, happy life, full of positivity is difficult, probably wasn’t lucky enough to come across the right way to get out of his own problems!


NO- heavy exercise regime

NO- crash diets
NO- pills/artificial stimulants
NO- medication/complex procedures
NO- Difficult to reach ‘Ashrams’ or expensive Spa Centers
NO- Extra Expense, in fact, it will help you reduce unnecessary and even damaging expenditure on the wrong kind of foods, diet plans and medical bills!

YES- the correct exercise that will work particularly for you
YES-perfectly balanced diet to suit the nature of your body specifically
YES-guide to consuming the foods right for you that would help your individual system naturally
YES-easy everyday practices to follow which will bring your life in order
YES-no-expense relief and benefits from the comfort of your home


How on earth is it possible?!

Find out here!



Wishing you holistic health and happiness,

Lissa Coffey,

Author, Ayurveda Expert, Lifestyle & Relationship Expert, Certified Chopra Centre Instructor, Corporate Spokesperson



What Follows YOUR I Am?

I just read an amazing article at – here is a brief snippit of it and a link to the complete article – it’s really good, I suggest you check it out, and more importantly – change your I Am statements.

by RJ Banks

It’s all about the law of attraction.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I’m so broke.”

“I’m so tired.”

“I’m so stupid,”

And the list goes on…

Whether you know it or not, or like it or not, you’re reciting affirmations for your subconscious mind to program your beliefs about yourself and your life. Unfortunately, negative affirmations are just as effective in our lives as positive affirmations…….  Continue reading HERE

Don’t Just Phone It In

Life can get crazy – house, work, family, it all adds up to make us go kind of crazy.  We can start to focus on one aspect of our life so much and kind of just coast through the rest.  Or worse, imagine this, life is going great and we’re so busy keeping it going great, that we forget to just enjoy it.  I think it happens to all of us more than we realize.  We get up in the morning and go to work, driving in the dark (especially in the winter).  We spend our day working, and then drive home in the dark.  We fix dinner for the family, oversee homework tuck the little ones into bed and collapse in front of the television for a few hours of well deserved zoning out.  Lather rinse and repeat day after day.  All those things have to get done on a daily basis, I’m not disputing that, but instead of doing them on auto pilot, why not stop and really pay attention to what you’re doing.  You may be doing a report for your boss that is tedious as heck, but take a second and think about how that report is helping.  It’s helping you keep your job, it’s helping your boss, and it’s helping a client, which in turn could be helping other people.  Spending time overseeing your kiddo’s homework isn’t just an exercise in sheer frustration because you don’t understand the math.  It’s an opportunity to spend time with your amazing children, and see the world through their eyes.  Even that time spent zoning out on the sofa….it’s not just a time to catch up on the Bachelor or Survivor….it’s a time to recharge your batteries and enjoy time with yourself, and with your sweetie.  So don’t just coast through life…live it!


Dominant Thoughts

This is so very true – and it seems especially true when you have a negative thought in your head.  It can just grow and grow and is so hard to get rid of.  The trick is to take that thought (and yes, smash it like an icky bug) and replace it with something more cheerful.  However that is incredibly hard, but no matter how often those negative thoughts keep creeping into your head, your job is to keep replacing them with positive, happier thoughts.  Eventually those happier thoughts will take root and you’ll find things improving.


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