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Celebrate Your Life

Celebrate your Life
by Jafree Ozwald

This life that you have been given is a very sacred thing,
and there are sooo many wonderful reasons to celebrate it!
The best reason is you are the co-creator and main manifestor of it all!
Yes, your thoughts are designing your reality in each millisecond.
So think about what you WANT and stop thinking about what you don’t want.
Let yourself play, dance, sing, and enjoy being alive today!

You can just scream out a BIG YES to yourself
because YOU are THE party.  That’s right.
Without you, there is no main attraction.

No matter what those doubting limiting thoughts may say,
always remember this one little fact.
The more often you can celebrate every precious day of your life,
the bigger the “welcome home” party you’ll have in the end.

Get ready to let it ALL hang out,
the real FUN is just starting.

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You are UNIQUE.

Don’t ever forget that you are unique. Be your best self and not an imitation of someone else.

Imitations – I see it every day where I work, and even with people that I know.  Everybody tries to be just like everybody else.  Being different is scary.  I get it, but being different, being unique is also amazing.  There is nobody else quite like you.  But nobody wants to celebrate their uniqueness.  Instead, people try to dress the same and act the same as everyone around them.

When we’re teenagers, we’re supposed to be finding out who we are, but most teens are doing everything in their power not to find out who they are, but to be like everybody else.  As adults, being unique isn’t any easier.  We have to go along to get along, and being different could mean our jobs our friends or even our family.

The best thing a person can do is celebrate the unique individual that they are.  Be true to that person inside of you.  Celebrate YOU

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