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happy thoughts

Happy Thoughts

Let a series of happy thoughts run through your mind. They will show on your face. – unknown

I want you to try something for a minute. Think about eating a lemon. Imagine the tart juice filling your mouth. Feel it tingling on your tongue and smell the sharp citrusy scent in your mind. Now think about your face. It puckered up, didn’t it? If you’re like most people, you actually made a face like you were sucking on a lemon.

Now take a second and think about the happiest thought you can possibly think.  Kind of like Harry Potter getting ready so summon his Patronus.  To summon a Patronus, you have to think the happiest thought you’ve ever had.  Now think about your face.  Is it still puckered up like you’re tasting a lemon?  Or, is it more relaxed, with maybe the hint of a msile on it?  Now, we’re not trying to repel Dementors like Harry Potter, but we are trying to repel negative thoughts.  When you’re thinking negative thoughts, they show on your face.  Your brow may be furrowed, or your mouth may be drawn, and people notice that you’re unhappy.  When you think happy thoughts, they show on your face, your eyes light up, and your mouth smiles and people know you’re happy, and in turn, they start to feel better just by being around you.  So keep thinking the happy thoughts and let them shine through and light up the world

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