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Manifesting What you REALLY Want! – The Secret BEHIND The Secret

It’s not too often that I can actually say I am blown away by a video I watched online, but this really impressed me:

–> Check them out here

Like many of you, I have been struggling for years to make the Law of Attraction work for me, not knowing that I was actually going about using it THE WRONG WAY!

You see, the key to using the Law of Attraction, and being able to manifest what you want and desire, is the proper use of visualization. The fact is, many people can’t properly visualize and create an emotional connection to what they are seeing. All that has now changed thanks to “Abundant Mind

Abundant Mind is being called “The Netflix of Subliminal Manifestation” because it contains a massive library of powerful, full motion, high resolution visualization videos that can be streamed on any internet connected device.

Unlike the visualization videos that already exist on the market, these are vastly superior because they use FIVE scientifically proven subconscious altering techniques. By using full motion themed video (not still images), a special audio track, affirmations, subliminal messages and binaural beats, these videos will completely change how you visualize and respond emotionally to visualizations. This could literally be the secret behind “The Secret”.

I have been using these for the last few days and I’m already seeing a difference. I highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day to check out this phenomenal connection of visualization videos.

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What Inspires You When Nothing Else Can? – Chris Cade

My friend Jaime Mintun recently posted on her blog, “What Inspires You When Nothing Else Can?” I got to thinking about that question rather seriously, and what I discovered was interesting.

The spirit of the question was intended as “When you can’t get yourself going, what do you do to get going?” Inspirational quotes, thoughts, videos, poems, stories, etc.

And while I use those on a regular basis, if we don’t take them in fully, they become just more platitudes and cliches for false positive thinking (like my recent email, “The LIE about positive thinking.”)

In my serious discovery, I decided to take the question further and explore it from a “Dark Night of the Soul” perspective. In other words, what can we do when we experience life as so beyond miserable that NOTHING else can inspire us?

The answer surprised me…

When *nothing* else can, only 1 thing works: entertaining distraction.

That’s because when life seems miserable, your mind is so consumed by a negative state that it can’t even recognize there’s a positive aspect to the world. This negativity becomes a habit so bound to your psychological state that it can only be broken by completely severing your connection to that negativity.

That isn’t easy because it requires an equal and opposite consuming force.

Something so consuming that you completely forget about the negativity long enough to break the downward spiral your mind is in.

And in a moment where you lack even the basic self-awareness to realize you’re in a deeply negative state and you don’t want to be, there’s almost nothing you can do to bring yourself up.

That’s why in my experience with extreme circumstances, entertainment and distraction are the keys to opening that door. It becomes a way that the mind can literally “forget” about the negativity. All it takes is a small crack to let a little bit of the light in.

There’s two things to keep in mind about this though:

(1) Make sure that your entertaining distraction includes humor and/or inspiration.

No horror movies. No purely action flicks. No dramas. All of those will only serve to reinforce your negative state in one way or another.

Instead, fill your mind with stories of success and triumph. Fill your heart with moments of laughter and joy. In other words: choose something that can help align you with the way you’d like to live.

(2) Don’t make the entertaining distraction a habit of its own.

When you do that, you’re only trading one distraction for another. And while it may feel better, it perpetuates the lie of positive thinking. That keeps you from living a truly happy and fulfilled life.

Instead, see the entertaining distraction as a momentary gateway to lift you up. From that initial lift, start re-using your personal transformation tools: meditation, affirmations, brainwave entrainment, EFT, and whatever else you can think of.

The entertainment and distraction won’t heal the fundamental problems that brought you into a negative state. Only self-awareness has that ability.

Still, when you find yourself completely down and out… in a negative hole you can’t find your way out of — find an entertaining distraction. And if at all possible, one that will make you laugh.

If you can find a laugh, you can find a light. 🙂

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

P.S. Out of curiousity, what inspires you when nothing else can? Press REPLY and let me know!

What is Helplessness – Chris Cade

Chris Cade

Nobody likes to feel helpless. It is probably most frequently avoided human emotion. People push themselves beyond their limits as well as fall into deep depression just to avoid feeling helpless.

The thing about it is this…

Helplessness, like all other difficult emotions, is a gateway to deeper wisdom and greater inner freedom.

Sure it may not seem like that. After all, we try to avoid it! But it’s only when we stop avoiding our feelings of helplessness that we can discover those inner gifts contained within.

Here’s how I define (REFRAME) helplessness:

“Helplessness is a sign that your Inner Critic believes you ‘should’ do more than the Universe needs you to do in a particular situation.”

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

P.S. I thought about explaining the idea above, but I decided not to. Instead, I figure it’s best to let you explore it for yourself… even if part of that exploration includes the possibility that you might feel

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Old? Get Out! New? Bring it on!

by Chris Cade

Or phrased another way, “Out with the old and in with the new.” This is the mantra billions of people worldwide have been saying to them as the new year passed from 2011 to 2012.

People have made resolutions to be different than they were. To lose weight, meditate more, save money, work harder, start a new business, start a new relationship, exercise more, judge others less, begin personal transformation programs, and so on and so forth. The list goes on.

What I find interesting is how all this relates to forgiveness. Most people have the idea that forgiveness is something they give to another person. “I forgive you for hurting me” we might say to a friend or family member.

But that’s not true forgiveness. True forgiveness is “out with the old and in with the new.” It is a letting go of what was to make space for what is. Real forgiveness is the opportunity to see what lies here and now without being clouded by the memories of the past. Put in financial terms: “Past performance does not predict the future.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to just discard memories. Forgetting means not learnng the lesson. Ignoring the past is choosing to remain ignorant. What I’m suggesting is that we can learn the lessons without carrying the emotional baggage. We can get on the metaphorical airplane and visit new places, see new sights, without having our attention be ‘back home’ so to speak.

This is important when we think about new years resolutions. Are you trying to lose weight because you have emotional baggage about the past? People teased you (or you teased yourself)? Are you trying to earn more money because you’re tired of being poor or disappointing others?

If so, there’s nothing wrong with that. Those are all valid reasons to want change. The thing is, by using the past reasons as justification for future actions, we are choosing not to live in the present moment. We are choosing NOT to forgive. We are choosing to have the past dictate our future.

What if we looked at it through the lens of true forgiveness?

That would mean looking at who and how we are… right now. Exactly right now. Then allowing our heart, mind, and body –together in unison–inform us of what is best for us in the present moment. Maybe you would still try to lose weight or earn money.

The difference is, it wouldn’t be a reaction to the past. It wouldn’t be trying to avoid being who you were or avoiding the experiences you used to have. Losing weight could instead be for the purpose of feeling a greater sense of aliveness and vitality.

The goal of “losing weight” could become “experiencing more physical energy.” Earning more money could transform into the goal of “creating more abundance that I can share with others.”

In other words, by truly “forgiving” yourself, decisions to change would come from a place within you that says “This is what I authentically want… because it’s right, and not because of my troubled past.”

This is a substantial shift. It moves away from a lack mentality of what you don’t want (the past) and into a heart-centered abundant space of what you want to experience more of in your life.

The difference is subtle. Some would call it semantics…

I consider it fundamental.

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life


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Between a Rock and a Hard Place pt 1 – Chris Cade

by Chris Cade

Nobody gets through life unscathed. We all have difficult situations. And we all have extremely difficult situations. And as pleasure-seeking-pain-avoiding creatures on this planet, when we are in difficulty the first thing we usually do is try and “fix” it.

When in pain, we seek to eliminate the pain.

When in conflict, we seek to resolve the conflict.

When in uncertainty, we seek to find grounding.

Mind you there’s nothing wrong with wanting to minimize pain, conflict, and uncertainty. In fact, it’s something I am conscious of regularly. However, the way most of us go about it is often detrimental to finding the optimal solution. Continue reading “Between a Rock and a Hard Place pt 1 – Chris Cade” »

Choosing to Change – Chris Cade

Last week, I had a dream in which I was driving on a road near the ocean. There was a person who wouldn’t let me pass, and I clearly understood that there was a conspiracy of sorts.

After handing this person a little bit of pocket change (kind of like this week’s “Inspirational Video of the Week”), I was allowed to pass.

Then I woke up in the room that I grew up in as a child. It was the middle of the night, and I put some change down on the nightstand next to me. That’s when I realized I was still dreaming, and the conspiracy dream that I previously had was a “dream within a dream.”

I fell back to sleep ~ that is to say ~ I fell asleep back into a “dream within a dream.” This time I was in a supermarket. The shelf next to me had some empty space, and I put some pocket change down there as well.

As I walked down the aisle, I asked myself a question inside my head:

“What don’t I know about this world?”

Immediately, the entire world shook violently. Bigger than the biggest earthquakes in history.

I woke up into full waking consciousness in a physical fight-or-flight panic. Adrenaline was pumping. It physically felt like the worst nightmare ever.

Metaphorically and symbolically though, I knew the dream was prophetic. It was important. It was about CHANGE.

The last weeks of my life have been some of the most painful I’ve ever gone through. Three very close important relationships to me are being severed in ways that challenge me at the deepest levels.

As such, I will be going deeper into myself…

I will be spending more time in silent retreat on the land of one of my spiritual teachers…

I will be doing a firewalk retreat…

I will be becoming more of the CHANGE I’m destined to be.

This pain I’m going through. These severed relationships. Yes, they hurt with more emotional pain than I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. If it weren’t for the inner work I’ve done up until now, these experiences might have broken me.

Actually, they have broken me…

Wide open in a way that allows me to see what’s inside. They enable me to see what I’m truly “made of” so to speak. It is an opportunity to step more fully into my greatest potential.

Most people shy away from their potential greatness. Just like the Marianne Williamson quote I emailed you a couple of days ago. Most of us are scared of our light.

I know I am, and this pain is showing me that I no longer have a choice. It’s once again the time for me to step more fully into myself, into my potential, and become more of the leader and teacher that I already am and continue to become with each passing day.

Over the coming months, I don’t know how my life will change. All I know is that it will transform in many ways that I can’t possibly imagine. All is unfolding as it is meant to, and even in my greatest pain I know that I am ultimately being held in a field of Loving Light.

In my first email titled “How to Solve Your Problems,” I suggested that one of the ways I shift out of my negative energy states (like anger, sadness, rejection), is to go from “What am I not getting?” to “What can I give?”

Right now, I am living in the midst of this exact challenge. What I “want” is to hold onto my ideas of how reality “should” be. What I “want” is to have these close relationships to me no longer be severed. What I want is to physically manifest the deep loving connection with these people the way that it used to manifest.

But I can’t have that. For reasons beyond my control, it has become impossible to have what I want the way I want it.

And so instead I ask myself “What can I give?”

…Err, no, I mean I “What can I bring?” Because in my followup email, I went further and suggested that rather than “give,” the new paradigm is what can we “bring.”

I bring myself fully to what I need most in the moment: conscious, loving connection. The world around me, the people I want it from most, can’t “give” it to me. I have to bring myself to it. In this case, that means bringing myself to experiences which connect me more fully to myself.

And so I will bring myself silently into the wild. I bring my fears with me and walk on fire. I will bring myself into the world and connect with new people more authentically and fully.

With all this in mind, I bring you a thought I wrote very recently in a comment on a friend’s Facebook wall. It is a comment that has since become a clear reminder to me of how the Loving Light truly works in our lives.

Here’s what I wrote…
“Grace is always with us, even when we are too lost in the fog to realize it’s just the clouds of Heaven holding us closer.”
Pain sucks.

And we all experience it because we’re human. It’s our choice whether the pain breaks us down and pummels us into the ground, or whether the pain breaks us open so we can more fully reveal our inner gifts to the world.

I’m choosing to be the change.

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your

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It’s Time to Stop Giving – Chris Cade

by Chris Cade

In my previous email (which you can click here to read), I shared that there’s a new way to go beyond the “getting” and “giving” paradigm and into a new way of engaging with the world.

In short, “giving” inherently suggests an experience of separation. “I have this. I give it to you. Now you have it. I don’t.”

If you give away a dollar, you no longer have it yourself. The dollar is separated from you and joined with another person, so to speak.

In the case of emotions like love, it seems less obvious that this is what happens. In fact, some great authors and speakers have commented how love is the only thing that when we give it away, we actually have more of it.

In theory that’s great. I love the principle. In reality, it still subconsciously encourages separation. It presumes at the basic level, “I have love and you don’t.” (or don’t have enough of it)

Perhaps I’m an idealist, but I believe we all have love within us.

Sure we may be blocked from experiencing that love in its fullest unconditioned state. Decades of history, pain, and conditioning will block it to some degree in just about everybody. It is my belief though that the love already exists within each and every one of us, and it’s up to us to understand and remove the blockages we have and allow that love to radiate from us.

In relation to giving though, I still think the idea of “giving love” might be a little bit outdated.

Recently in exploring this, I stumbled upon something that felt interesting to me. The more I explored it, the more I realized it shifts the separating subconscious implications of “giving” to something more profound, integrating, and including.

Rather than seeing ourselves as “giving” anything to another person, I bring you a different five letter word to try using…


I am reminded of growing up. When moving into a new neighborhood, it was customary to be welcomed by other neighbors who would BRING a welcome gift. If you were lucky, it was a home baked treat. 🙂

They didn’t just give you the treat and leave. They didn’t ring the bell, leave it at the door, and walk away. And they didn’t ship it from Amazon with a computer generated “Welcome to the ‘hood!” memo.

They BROUGHT it to you. They introduced themselves. They engaged with you.

Specifically, they brought you a piece of themselves.

This seems to be something I notice missing from a lot of giving today. There’s a lot of “stuff” being given, but what’s missing is the essential nature of giving ~ that we are actually BRINGING ourselves to an experience.

It’s most prevalent with our attention.

Are we “giving” somebody our attention? Are we “giving” them a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to listen?

Or are we bringing ourselves to them? Bringing them our attention? Bringing them the shoulder?

The difference may seem benign. Even pointless to some. To me it’s significant though.

The word “bring” is inclusive in nature. It means we are not leaving something (like ourselves) behind nor handing something over. We are arriving WITH whatever we are giving.

This is also true when we’re in a relationship, and especially one with conflict. Are we merely giving the other person an opportunity to be heard? Are we giving them a piece of our mind? Are we giving them our heart? Are we giving them space?

Those all assume separation. “I have something. I give it.”

Or are we BRINGING our heart, our soul, our essence into the relationship? Are we bringing our presence and capacity to hold space? The shift is subtle.

Every time you think you’re giving something to somebody, pause for a moment and ask yourself how it might feel if you were to “bring” instead.

Sure this requires a lot of conscious attention. We “give” a lot of things every day, to different people, and in different ways.

But isn’t that what our lives are about? Conscious attention?

Starting today, give it a try. Try “bringing” yourself into everything you “give” and see what your experience is like.

My hunch is that you’ll feel a lot happier “bringing” yourself into the world. And other people will appreciate it too… even if all they know is that “something feels a little bit different.”

Give it a try.

Do it for a day or several.

Then let me know how it goes for you. 🙂

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade

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The Right Direction

Whatever way you’re going, you’re headed in the right direction to reach your dream.

Originally posted 10-1-09

Your goals are your goals. Your dreams are your dreams. There is no right or wrong way to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. So why is it that everybody seems to know the best way for us to do everything. We start out with our parents teaching us and telling us what to do and how to do it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because we need to learn. Then we head off to school and we have educators telling us what to do and how to do it. Again, not a bad thing. We are also faced with peer pressure and we often find ourselves doing what everyone else is doing the way they are doing it to fit in. Again, this isn’t a terrible thing because a little conformity is not a bad thing. From there, we join the workforce and our bosses are telling us what to do and how to do it. When do we get the opportunity to decide what we want to do and how to do it? It’s a challenging question without an easy answer. If we’re fortunate, we’re raised by, and taught by people who will provide us with the skills we need, who then allow us to spread our wings and fly and build upon what they’ve taught us. But it’s never to let to step off in your own direction and make your own road map to reach your goal and achieve your dream. You can do it, turn off the gps the world had given you, crumple up the road map of life you were handed when you were a child and set off on your own adventure to your dreams.

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