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It’s a Process

Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery.
– Rick Warren

Did you ever wonder if you’re ever going to be done? If you’re ever going to be done growing and changing?  Well if you’re wondering that, I’m going it's a processto tell you right now that the answer is no.  It’s a process, this life we’re living. And this process is never ending, but that’s a good thing!

Remember back when you were in school?  We used to count the seconds until vacation, and then graduation.  We couldn’t wait for it to end, but even though we may not be in traditional brick and mortar schools, that doesn’t mean the learning stops, does it?  No, of course not.  We are always learning. It’s the same for growing and changing.  It’s a process.  It’s on going.  Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s oaky.  We stick it out and keep on going and the changes go back to good.

I think I like the fact that it’s a process.  I don’t ever want to be done changing, learning and growing.  I like who I am, but I think I’ll like who I become.  I just know that I don’t want to stay the same.  If I don’t grow and change, it will kind of be like living Groundhog Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I like consistency, and I can sometimes get too comfy in my own little bubble, but that doesn’t mean I want to be in that same bubble day in and day out.  It’s a process, and I want to be a part of it!


Don’t Worry About It

Many people allow their need for other people’s approval to control their lives. They spend their lives worrying about what others think of them. – Rick Warren

Don’t worry about it.  I’m laughing to myself even as I type.  Yesterday, I was really pro-active and picked out the quotes for the week and set them up to be tweeted.  Life was good, and I was so proud of myself.  This morning, I woke up and there was no email in my inbox with the quotes.  I freaked, panicked and then tried to figure out what happened.  Then I realized that I forgot to set up the email to send.  I immediately began to worry about what people would think.  I felt like such an idiot for letting people down.  Then I went to twitter and read the first quote, and immediately started to don't worry about itfeel better.

I really don’t need to worry about what other people think for a variety of reasons.  The first being, hey, I made a mistake and forgot to do something.  The second and most important thing is, the only approval I really need is my own.  We don’t need to live our lives being validated by other people.  If we can get over the need to have external validation we’d all be a lot happier.  When you do something because you want the approval of others, you are giving them a tremendous amount of control and power over you.  Who wants that?  Your motivation and validation should be internal. It needs to come from you and not anybody else.

Why spend your life worrying about what other people think of you?  In the end, does it really matter?  Have you ever seen a gravestone that said “people thought well of him?”  Probably not.  Don’t get me wrong, I spend far more time than I should worrying about what other people are thinking about me.  Case in point, the email I forgot to send.  I’m working on not being that way, and I hope you will too.  It’s a process, and there will be days when I stress about it, and there will be days when I don’t.  I’m not saying you should flout all social conventions or anything like that, but don’t live your life kowtowing to what everybody else wants.  Seriously, just don’t worry about it.

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