I suppose by now you’re thinking…

That this person is a nut – either that, or they’ve read the book The Secret and it’s totally taken over their mind.

Well, I’m not a nut – well no more than anybody else.  I have read The Secret, and it DID change my life, but not in the way you’re thinking.

I haven’t manifested unlimited wealth and prosperity, or my dream car, or my perfect life. What The Secret did for me was to encourage me to change the way I think.  But it encouraged.  I did the changing.  I’m the one who decided that I could sit and dwell on the ho hum gloomy glum stuff that was going on in my life, or I could take 2 minutes and find the good and happy and positives in my day.

That’s all I want people to do – find the good in their day and CELEBRATE it.  Even if it’s finding a penny on the ground.  I mean, hey, that’s one more penny than you had previously, and it’s one more penny closer to that million dollars, right?

Be Positive, and remember – today has LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES!

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