You are a Miracle

You are a miracle. Never stop believing in miracles, never stop believing in yourself.

When you think of miracles, you can call to mind all sorts of miracles of a religious type. Jesus turning water into wine, raising the dead and feeding so many people with several loaves of bread and a couple of fish are just a few from Christianity Manna falling from the heavens, and Moses leading his people across the desert are miracles that are taught in both the Christian and Jewish religions. I know there are tons of examples from all sorts of religions, but I’m not familiar with them (shame on me) and cannot speak of them.

Then there are the sports miracles we hear about, Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary pass (it was a thing of beauty) and the 1980 Men’s olympic hockey team with the iconic cry of “Do you believe in miracles?” the Boston Red Sox finally beating “The Curse of the Bambino” with their World Series win in 2004 or the New England Patriots finally winning their first Super Bowl in 2003.

We see miracles in the news every day too. The rescue of the Chilean miners – something which had the world glued to their television screens, or the finding of both Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard, both alive after being kidnapped.

Those are all stunning examples of miracles, but what about the every day kind of miracles – the ones we never hear about. The single parent who manages to work, feed his or her kids, get them to school in clean clothing and oversee homework at the end of the day? Or the alcoholic that remains sober for one more day? Or the student who goes to school every day in spite of being teased and harassed over their differences? Or even just the person who carries in the groceries for their elderly neighbor or shovels the snow for someone? Those are all miracles too. Miracles don’t have to be big or huge, or make the news. Miracles happen all around us every day. Miracles happen because of you, and me, and everybody around us. We are the miracles.

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