Surrounded by Negative People

Have you ever known a person who is perpetually down?  Someone who seems to just suck all the happiness from all around you?  I remember when I was a kid, there was a cartoon on Saturday mornings – The Pebbles and Bam Bam Show.  One of the characters was named Hardrock Schleprock, and he walked around with a storm cloud over his head, bad things were always happening to him and he was perhaps the saddest most depressed character I’ve ever seen.  I always thought he was just a typical cartoon exaggeration, but he wasn’t. There are people like that in real life.  People who are always sad and depressed, or people who are always angry and bitter.    They’re what I call fun-suckers.  They suck the fun out of EVERYTHING!  How do you DEAL with people like that?

It’s simple, really.   For every negative thought or comment they voice, turn it around and make it a positive.  You can do this out loud, or you can do this internally.  Also, smile – a LOT.  A smile is such a great defense against negativity. 

Don’t let these fun-suckers get you down.  Happiness and positiveness are so much more powerful than negativity. 

You can do this – you can put the fun back in life.