Random Acts of Kindness

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. – Scott Adams

Random acts of kindness are quite possibly my most favorite thing in the world.  How great is it to do something nice for somebody just because, and to expect nothing in return.  It can be as simple as paying for the coffee of the person behind you in the drive thru to donating bone marrow.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do it.  Think about it, if you do something nice for somebody, and they do something nice for somebody, the potential exists for those “random acts of kindness” to increase exponentially.  This is not a new idea, and it’s certainly not MY idea.  There was a great movie that came out several years ago called Pay It Forward about a young boy who decides to pay favors, not back, but forward that explores this concept with some amazing results.   Again, it doesn’t have to be a big thing.  The other day I was at Wal-Mart and the woman ahead of me in line left her credit card sitting by the debit machine when she left.  It took no time or effort for me to grab the card and call out to her, but it saved her from possible identity theft.  Hopefully she’ll pay that favor forward to somebody else and it will go on down the line.

Have you done, or experienced a random act of kindness?  Please share it here!

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  1. sara

    it’s so true, and I think we forget how good we feel when somebody does something nice for us. Why not do something nice for somebody else and make them feel good!

  2. Cass

    The other day, I was at the grocery store, and I only had 2 things, and someone let me go ahead of them 🙂

  3. Lisa

    I was the recipiant of. a random act of kindness as I went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s after a long day at work a couple weeks ago. The person in front of me paid for my food. I wish I could have told that woman how very much that meant to me at that time. That very day we had to give away our dog because we will be moving. Kindness does matter. More than we could ever know! Thank you to the lady with the vanity plate: gray rat!

  4. admin

    that’s really awesome – the Mickey D’s, not the having to give your dog away. I hope you get the opportunity to pay it forward to someone else.

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