Gratitude Rocks

I’ve been thinking a LOT about gratitude.  Gratitude ROCKS, and I want to continue to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  I have a lot of fantastic, great and amazing things in my life, and I want to remember not just to acknowledge them, but to REVEL in them!  I want to get excited about all the good in my life and I want you to do the same.  “Why should I be grateful?” someone asked me when I was talking about this the other day.  “My life sucks, this is going wrong, and that is bad and blah blah blah”….their list went on and on.  I let them go on for a bit about all their woes, because sometimes, venting is good thing.  Finally when they were done, I asked them to tell me 1 good thing in their life.  And what do you know they were able to come up with something good in their life, and then another, and another, and another.  It was amazing.  When they put forth a little effort, they found there were a lot of good things in their life – it’s all a matter of perspective, really.  Then I asked why they simply couldn’t be grateful for those good things, instead of focusing on all the negative things in their life – and they didn’t have couldn’t give me a reason.

Negative thinking gets to be a habit.  That’s why I created Think Positive 30 – to get into a habit of thinking positive for 30 days, and hopefully for the rest of your life.  Now I also want to help people create an attitude of gratitude and focus on all the things they have in their lives that they are grateful for.  So visit us on facebook and develop an attitude of gratitude because gratitude rocks.

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