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The Benefits of Power Napping at Your Day Job

What if I told you taking power naps could actually make you happier? I can imagine you wouldn’t need any more convincing to hit snooze the next chance you get. Studies show that 66% of short nappers and 56% of longer nappers report feeling happier and more energetic during their long workdays.

Yet, most workplaces haven’t discovered the positive impact power napping has on moods, productivity, and a handful of other health benefits. Hitting snoozed once your 3 pm slump hits is still frowned upon in the workplace, making most reach for their 3rd cup of coffee instead.

Sleeping is commonly known to happen in the comfort of your own home, all snuggled up in your bed, which makes sense as your home is the place you go to relax and recharge.

How Counting Sheep on the Clock Can Improve Your Work Performance

The Benefits of Power Napping at Your Day Job

Call it what you want, but having a little mid-day power nap siesta actually holds profound benefits for your overall mood and well-being.


Typically, power naps range from 10 to 20 minutes long, and it is meant to revitalize you more than a cup of coffee. Research show this length of time is the sweet spot for midday sleeping, reason being, it’s just enough time for you to reap the benefits of sleep without dealing with “sleep inertia,” the groggy feeling you might be familiar with after sleeping for several hours.


Here are the 5 benefits that come along with a quick snooze:

  1. Improve learning and memory
  2. Less stress
  3. Boosts mood and creativity
  4. Increased productivity and alertness
  5. Decreased risk of heart disease


Now, not all workplaces are open to the idea of you getting a couple extra Z’s on the clock. That being said, there are a couple innovated ways to getting your midday snooze in at work.

Innovative Ways to Hit Snooze During Your Workday

  1. Take your nap early
  2. Find the right location
  3. Create an ideal sleeping environment
  4. Keep it brief
  5. Take advantage of sleeping apps

Wear the Right Attire

We wouldn’t blame you if you wore loungewear, but unfortunately, this isn’t something workplaces normally let you show up in. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in some comfy work-appropriate attire.


To learn more about the benefits of napping in the workplace—and to see what companies out there support sleep in the workplace—check out the infographic below.

The Benefits of Power Napping at Work

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