Spread The Kindness

One random act of kindness can set off a chain reaction. Be the first to pay it forward and see what happens. I swore when I sat down to write this, that it wouldn't be a post about September 11th. What could I possibly say that others have not said far more eloquently. I was fortunate to not have lost anybody in the tragedies, at least not directly. I know people who lost loved ones, but I was blessed to have not lost anybody close to me. I usually write posts about positive things, and the events of September 11th were perhaps the most least positive thing I could ever think of. Then I started really thinking, and I realized how wrong I was (as usual). What happened was not positive - and there is nothing that will ever be said or done to convince me, or the rest of the America, otherwise. But there were so many positive things that happened as a RESULT, and that's what we need to focus on. People helping one another, people working together, people sharing information, and resources, and providing support for one another. And a nation that came together and said we…

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Why Blog, journal or keep a diary

I've had a lot to say this week, but oddly, I haven't said a thing.  Why?  Because the things I've had to share are painful.  I hurt badly, but in the pain there are positives.  And that is why it is very helpful to blog or journal or whatever you choose to call it.  Sometimes, taking those painful thoughts, and writing them down, can oftentimes allow you to find some positives.  Not always.  I'm not so naive to believe that every situation has a sunny rainbow lining, but sometimes there are sunny rainbow linings - you just have to search to find them.  And so i hurt, but at the same time, I'm learning that with the pain comes growth.  That is a very positive thought indeed, for if we do not grow, we stagnate and then die.  So even though it hurts, I'm grateful, because it means I'm alive, I'm learning and I'm growing.

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Listen to Your Heart or Your Head – Revisited.

The Universe has a rather quirky sense of humor, I think.  A short time ago, I blogged about listening to your head, or your heart/intuition. I've been pondering this since that original blog post.  I KNOW I should listen to my intuition, but I always try and quell it and listen to my head.  So I've been mulling this over in the back of my mind since my original post, and today, when I was looking for more positive thoughts to send out in the Think Positive 30 mailing list, I came across this: Listen to your heart and follow your dreams.  They won't mislead you. The Universe, in no uncertain terms has provided me with an answer.  A lot of times, the answers we are looking for are RIGHT there, in front of us, we just have to open our eyes to them. When I was a teenager, I read the book Illusions, by Richard Bach.  It's a wonderful book filled with many life lessons.  In the book, the character Donald Shimoda talks about how you can find the answers to your questions in any book.  Just think about your question, opena book to a random page, and the answer…

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Be Happy or Be Sad, the Choice is Yours

We can choose to be happy or chose to be miserable. Both take the same amount of work. So choose to be happy. I know people are reading this and saying "No way!" and to that, I say "Yes way!" Being happy takes an effort. You have to work at it and make an effort to be happy. Really, happiness does not come and find you, you have to go out and find happiness. There are times that are very happy and filled with joy. What amazes me that even in the face of all those happy times, some people put a tremendous amount of energy into being miserable. The same could be said for misery. You have to work to be miserable. It doesn't come naturally to us. Sure bad things happen - they happen all the time, unfortunately. And when those bad things happen, you can choose to wallow in the misery, or you can fight through it - it takes effort, sure, but fight through it you can and find some happiness. So if it takes time, effort and energy to be happy, and it takes time, effort and energy to be miserable, why not work for…

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All our lives, we’re faced with choices.  When we’re young, the choices are fairly simple, should I play with the red ball, or the blue blocks.  As we get older, the choices get a little tougher – should I go to the movies, or study, go to college, or get a job.  As we mature, the choices get tougher, buy a house, or rent, have children or wait a little longer.  We also have one very important fundamental choice to make, and the funny thing about it is, nobody ever tells us about this choice.  Nobody ever explains that we actually have an option.  We have to decide whether to be happy, or not.  It sounds kind of silly when you think about it, but it’s true.  We get to decide if we’re going to be happy or not.  That doesn’t mean we won’t have to face difficult situations – this is real life after all.  But it does mean we get to decide how we deal with the situations life gives us.  Not many people realize that.  Do I still have days where I’m down and things aren’t going well?  Of course I do.  As I said before, I…

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Sometimes you need a swift kick in the tookus

I've been in kind of a gloomy, depressing mood lately.  Okay, let me be completely honest, I've been MISERABLE.  Nothing I've done has een able to pull me out of the gloomy mood.  I honestly tried everything I could think of.  Nothing worked.  Now I receive many different motivational type things on a daily basis, and even they weren't helping me.  And then, yesterday, I got this, from abraham-hicks.com Making Peace with My Today Will Improve My Future... It may sound odd, but the fastest way to get to a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation. By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situation, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you. But if you rail against the injustices of your current situation, you hold yourself in Vibrational alignment with what you do not want, and you cannot then move in the direction of improvement. It defies Law. In every particle of the Universe, there is that which is wanted - and the lack of it. Talk about a kick in the behind.  And honestly, it's all stuff I KNOW, sometimes, you just need someon…

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Who do you listen to, your heart /intuition or your head?

It's a question I'm grappling with right now.  On the surface, I'm a HUGE believer in listening to your intuition, the only problem is, I'm really BAD at doing it, and I usually regret it.  There have been many occasions in my life where my heart, or my intuition has said one thing, but I just block it out and go merrily along only to find in the long run that I'd made a HUGE mistake.  How do you know if it's your intuition talking to you? It doesn't stand up and announce itself.  You have to PRACTICE listening to that inner voice.  Exercise it.  Take small steps and you'll find that your inner voice is growing stronger and helping you to make better decisions.

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Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

You've heard the expression hitch your wagon to a star - well why not be the star to which others hitch their wagons? Seriously. Don't waste your time riding on the coattails of someone else. You are an incredible and amazing person and you are destined to do fantastic things. Blaze that trail to your future and watch all those other people follow you.

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Cheer Yourself On

We're always so busy cheering others on, sometimes we forget to cheer ourselves on - so GO US! So many of us spend so much of our time being supportive of others.  We cheer on our children, we lend a hand to a friend, we encourage our spouses or significant others.  We aid or neighbors, help co-workers, volunteer and a provide support in a myriad of ways.  We can be cheerleaders for the world.  But what about ourselves?  How often do we cheer on ourselves?  I know in my case the answer is nowhere near enough.  In fact, I can be my own worst "cheer downer."  Take time to cheer yourself on.  Be proud of the things you do for others, but take some time and do something for yourself.  You'll feel better about yourself and in turn will be able to cheer everybody else on even more.

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From a Glimmer to a Glow

When you focus on your dreams, your inner gleam goes from a glimmer to a glow that lights up the world. Do you know that feeling you get inside when you have a sudden burst or inspiration, or find the solution to a pesky problem, or make an amazing discovery that leads you on a new journey, path, goal or dream? Well that feeling you feel on the inside shows up on the outside also. It's like you have been lit up from within and the light is so bright, that you can't contain it inside of you and it shines out through you and lights up the world.  And use your light to help light up the world of those around you by sharing your thoughts, goals and dreams with them.  Together you can light up the world.

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