Count Your Blessings

You’ve heard the expression “Count your blessings?” Do it. I bet you’ll be totally surprised at how many great things there are in your life. From 3/18/09

This was originally sent out as a Daily Positive Thought back in March of 2009, and can I just say it’s just as true today as it was the day I first sent it out. I have been sitting here this morning feeling very sorry for myself and thinking about how MISERABLE my existence is right now. I needed this proverbial Gibbs slap upside the back of my head (yes I watch way too much NCIS). My existence is NOT miserable. I have a job that I fought to get, I have two simply amazing and wonderful kids, I have a car that’s paid off, and I have a place to live. I am so fortunate that it’s not even funny. Is everything going exactly the way I want? No, because this is real life. Everything is not going to 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time. But I’m learning to view the road blocks, bumps and even mistakes as detours to a better experience. I am an incredibly fortunate person and I have so much in my life for to be grateful for, and I am, I’m very very grateful