Welcome to Think Positive 30:  Thirty Positive Thoughts in 30 Days.

Several years ago, a friend and I were lamenting the sorry state of our lives.  This was horrible, that went wrong.  We were just totally mired down in negativity.  In fact, being negative had become a habit.  My friend decided that she was going to write one positive thought a day in her blog.  I loved that idea and decided to run with it. I had read somewhere that it took 21 days to change a habit, and I thought that if we did this for 30 days, we’d not only change the habit of negative thinking, but get a good start at reinforcing the new habit of thinking positive. I created an online community which would allow people to post and share their positive thoughts, and Think Positive 30 was born.  It quickly grew to become a very large community.  Members not only post their positive thoughts, but many of them take the time to comment on the positive thoughts of others.

Where Do I Find a Positive Thought?

Positive thoughts are all around us.  Even if you are having the WORST DAY EVER, I bet, if you look hard enough, you can find one positive thing that has happened.  It may be something as big as getting a raise at work, or as small as finding a penny on the ground.  It could be that somebody smiled at you or something that you did that made somebody else happy.  When you really look around and look at yourself, I KNOW you’ll find plenty of positive thoughts upon which to focus.  Sometimes those positive thoughts are staring us right in the face, we just have to learn to recognize them.  But what if you’ve tried and tried and you just can’t seem to find one?  Put on your favorite song and start to sing along – or if you’re really brave, dance along as well.  It’s hard to remain down when you’re dancing around your house like a mad man!

Why Should I Look for Positive Thoughts?

Nobody can answer that question, except for you.  For me, I was sick of always feeling down, always focusing on the negative things that were going on in my life.  I’d read the book The Secret, and a lot of what I’d read made perfect sense to me.  You attract what you put out there, so if I was putting out all these negative thoughts day in and day out, it only made sense that I’d be attracting more negative thoughts to me.  It was a vicious circle.  I made the conscious decision to break that vicious circle and create a new happy positive circle.

Does this mean I don’t get caught back up in negative thinking, or that I’ve become a “Little Mary Sunshine?”  No, of course not!  I’m still human.  I have good moments and bad moments, good days and bad.  There are times when work gets me down, or things at home aren’t going well.  I get mad, or sad, or just plain blue sometimes.  The only difference is, now, instead of falling into the trap of focusing on what’s going wrong, I acknowledge it, and move on and look for something positive to offset the bad.

What’s Going to Happening Next?

I work in a school, and I was telling my students about Think Positive 30, and one of them said that I should write a book about it.  So yes, that’s what’s coming next.

There will be a book.  So keep watching this site for more information about it.  There is also a mailing list that will send Positive Thoughts to your inbox.  If you would like to find out more about receiving Positive Thoughts in your inbox, click here. A forum has been added to the Think Positive 30 website.  A forum will provide people with an opportunity to discuss, more in depth, things talked about in the Live Journal community.  There are areas to discuss positive thoughts, affirmations, vision boards as well as areas to just kick back and relax and have fun.  Be sure and check it out.

Think Positive 30 is now on Twitter.  You can follow us on Twitter @thinkpositive30.  If you follow us, you will receive a snippit of our daily positive thought and information to updates for the website and communities.  You can also “LIKE” us on facebook.

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