Just a Little Message

I just wanted to share a little message with you. Last week and this week, the Daily Positive Thought emails have been positive thoughts that I sent out before.  Next week’s probably will too because I’m recovering from surgery.  Here is what I said:

I just want to update you.  I had my surgery this past Tuesday.  I came through with flying colors, and short two breasts, so technically I know longer have breast cancer I guess.  I hurt…. a lot, and this summer when I have the reconstructive surgery, I’ll hurt more.  But that’s okay because I am going to win this war.

I want to tell you something that every single nurse I have dealt with has said to me.  “You really have a positive attitude!”  In fact, I’ve had visits from two different visiting nurses here at the house and they both said they have never laughed or had so much fun at a visit before.  Thinking positive does help.  Is it making the hurt go away?  No, but I have to wonder, would I be feeling more pain if I had a negative outlook?  I don’t intend to find out.

Positive thinking does so much.  But right now it’s hard to come up with the positive thoughts…hence the repeats of posts on the mailing list.  Mostly all I do is sleep (I hope I lose some weight from this).  I’m totally going to win this battle because I say I am! I believe I am, and I know I am.  I’m going to keep thinking positive.

Thanks for being with me during this battle – and get your mammograms!

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  1. Lissy

    You’re such an inspiration ? Thank you so much. I pray for your recovery ? get well soon ?

  2. Venice

    Thinking of you and hoping you continue to have a full, happy life. We need more positive thoughts to carry us through our days.
    Take care of yourself.

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