Laugh at Your Mistakes

The best response to a “mistake” is laughter. Laughter is like a gymnastics move for the respiratory system. So the next time you make a “mistake”, do a swing, circle, and a double flip on the uneven bars… then… release.

I guess it’s true, the best thing you can do is laugh at mistakes. I, however, am not that enlightened. When I make a mistake, I tend to beat myself up over it, or worse, try and laugh it off only to have it linger in my memory forever, surfacing as an embarrassing reminder at the worst possible moment. I’m trying though, to learn to laugh off and not dwell on them. They’re called mistakes for a reason. It’s not something you’ve done on purpose. And if you (or I) can learn to laugh at my mistakes, we’ll be better off because the old pundit is true, laughter is the best medicine.