Talent for Happiness

Everyone has a talent for happiness – even you! So even if you don’t feel it, ACT as if you do. Joy is infectious, so go spread some.

Moods, like colds and yawns are contagious. Have you ever noticed that when you’re with a bunch of people who are happy and having a good time, your mood improves. The same if you’re with a bunch of angry, cranky people. You can feel yourself being sucked in to their bad mood. So basically, you always want to be in a good mood. I know, sometimes, that’s just not possible. I get it. I have moods and I get moody too. What I try and do when that happens is to think about good things and happy things – anything to try and improve my mood. And I’ll ACT like I’m in a happier mood. Because if I’m going to be all contagious and spread my mood, I’d rather spread happy, not cranky. Try it!