Gearing up for a new week

I had an incredibly insanely busy weekend.  I’m a single parent and as such, all the to-ing and fro-ing of my kids falls to me.  And let me say, they are very busy kids.  I was sitting down a little while ago, queuing up the daily positive thoughts for the week and to be honest, I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself.  We spent yesterday at a college fair and today, I don’t think I was out of my car for more than 15 minutes at a time.  I was mopey and sulky and wondering when I was going to get some time to myself to relax and kick back (and maybe play some Angry Birds).

Then I gave myself the proverbial Gibbs slap to the back of the head (yes I watch way too much NCIS) and I started looking at all the sulky things and turning them around.

Yes, I spent all day yesterday at a college fair with my kids, but hey, that means I have two great, smart kids who are planning for their future.  Today, I had to drop my kids at school for a parade, do the grocery shopping, pick up the kids after they parade, drop my daughter at work, come home, go to a wake, come back home, pick my daughter up from work and fix dinner.  Oh and somewhere in there, I did laundry.

Sure I had to drive my kids to school to march in a parade, but HEY, my kids belong to one of the largest high school bands east of the Mississippi, and they just came back from marching in the Tournament of Roses Parade.  I had to drive my daughter to work, but guess what, she has a job, which is pretty amazing considering how busy she is.  Going to a wake was sad, but it made me realize how fortunate I am that my own mother is still alive and major part of my life.  Cooking dinner?  Yeah, I have to do that every night, but that means we have food to cook and a place in which to cook it.  The same for laundry…it has to be done, but that means I have clothes to wear.

So yeah, it was a crazy mad weekend, but when you think about it, it’s all good.