You Have to Believe

Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad. – Denis Waitley

you have to believeYou have to believe.  When you were little, it was the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, and that belief made amazing things happen.  Teeth placed under pillows turned into coins and stockings that you hang up at night are filled with goodies in the morning.  Yes, mum and dad did all that, but the magic was in the fact that you believed.


You have to believe.  No matter what, if you don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen.  You have a dream job you want to get?  Step one, believe you’re going to get it.  There are lots of other things you have to do, like apply, and have the skills and training to do the job, but first and foremost, you have to believe that the job is yours.


You have to believe.  Believe, have faith, I don’t care what you want to call it, but you have to have it.  It’s the start of everything.  Waitley says it’s the ignition switch, but more than that, I think it’s the fuel for the rocket.  It starts with belief in yourself.  When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish great things, you just have to believe.