A Grateful Heart

The seeds of discouragement, cannot take root in a grateful heart – Joel Osteen

I love it when quotes I pick out in advance work for the day I’m having.  Well this one works for my yesterday, but hey, close enough, right? I was literally heartbroken when I found all my websites gone.  After a quick hook up with my hosting company, they got two of them back.  One site, my personal blog, where I rant and rave, however was missing.  They said they’d restore it from a back up, so off to bed I went.  Well this morning, I received an email saying no luck 🙁  Now here is where the quote works.  I thought I’d be destroyed by this, but I’m not.  They were able to restore this site, which is the one that is the most important to me, and they were able to restore my other site, where my friends and I communicate.  For that, I am extremely grateful!

So now, instead of being discouraged, I’m looking upon this as an opportunity to revamp my personal blog.  I can do whatever I want with it.  Yeah I had a few posts on it that were important, but I can get past that.  Why? Because I am grateful for what I do have, and that gratitude is what is stopping the negativity and discouragement take root in my heart.

Call it looking on the bright side, call it whatever you want.  All I know is that I am so very grateful to have this site back up and running, that I am not all that torn up about my other site.  I won’t be able to restore it, but now I can make it better than it was, and that’s not a bad thing at all.