Positive Thinking in Action

Where you been? Hi everybody - long time no post.  Here's the deal.  My life has been not great.  Last year I settled into a huge deep giant funk so I did what all smart people in a funk should do, and I went to my doctor. I was diagnosed with depression and provided with an antidepressant. Life got a little bit better, but not spectacular. I was plugging along, living my life, but I was not living my best life, and worse, I wasn't doing anything about that. Talk About a Kick in the Pants Amazingly, something happened that kicked me in the proverbial buttocks and got me thinking in a more positive manner, and you will never believe what it was. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I know, how could that make someone think more positively?  It's a honest question, and as you know, I've never been one to pull my punches, so I'm going to give you an honest answer.  If you want the full breast cancer story, you can read about it in The Breast Cancer Diaries. So I was due for my mammogram in August, 2022, but the building that houses the place were…

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It’s a Precious Privilege – Challenge Day 30

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy to love. - Marcus Aurelius It's the end of the Thirty Day Positivity Challenge, and while there were not a lot of participants, I can honestly say it's a success.  Why?  Because I set a goal, and I met it.  I didn't let it consume me.  I hit some challenges, and speed bumps along the way, and I just rolled with it.  And I can honestly say that by focusing on the positives, my outlook has improved.  And now, onto today's Daily Positive Thought This quote made me laugh, and it would make anybody that really knows me laugh because when I arise in the morning, the last thing I am thinking about is what a precious privilege it is.  My thoughts tend to go in the direction of "Oh God, just five more minutes!"  It's then followed by lots of grumping and whining because I usually stay up too late reading the night before.  I may go to bed early, but I never go to sleep.  But usually around the first cup of tea in…

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It Gets Better

Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together. – Jessica Howell So sometimes you think you have something wonderful and amazing in your life, and you think, "Hey, this is great."  And then it all explodes and goes ka-phlooey.  It sucks, it really really does.  When that happens, you have a couple of choices, you can fall into a funk and focus on how bad it is and get into a "Woe is me," mode.  You can do that and it's your life so you have every right to do that.  However, you can also regroup, and refocus your energies and start looking around for a way to make things better than before.  Or, maybe things will just fall together on their own, and your only job is to recognize it.  Be open to the fact that the way things were isn't always the way things are supposed to be - as good as they may have seemed, there could be something better coming along.  If you let it.

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Making Mistakes

Some of us learn from other people's mistakes, and the rest of us have to be other people.~ Zig Ziglar I'm not pefect.  I don't pretend to be perfect.  I am in fact, human, and humans are the most imperfect creatures - EVER!   I make mistakes, lots of them, and I try my hardest to learn from them.  I suppose somewhere there is someone who is so good, and so organized, and so perfect that they don't make mistakes and they learn from the mistakes of others, but it's not me.  In fact, I think that person may be kind of on the boring side.  I'm going to revel in my mistakes because I am learning from them, and if I'm making mistakes, learning from them, and growing as a person, then I am LIVING!

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Happy People

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.~ Unknown

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