Two Little Words – So Many Feelings

I received an email today from a very nice gentleman in London today.  It wasn’t a long email, in fact it was very short.  It touched on the weather and then, the author of the letter thanked me.  He told me he read the Daily Positive Thought every day and he was grateful to receive them.

I cannot tell you how much that letter meant to me.  I smiled for HOURS just thinking about it and in fact, it spurred me on to write this blog post.  This wonderful gentleman took two minutes out of his day and said Thank You, and it totally turned my day around. Of course I responded to his email, telling him how much I appreciated hearing from him and how much it meant to me – hopefully, I was able to give back to him, some of the great feelings he gave to me!

It’s pretty cool, when you think about it.  We all have the power to bring these feelings to other people.  All it takes is a sincere and heartfelt thank you.  Two words that carry carry so much clout. Thank you – that’s all it takes.

So I want to take an opportunity to thank all of you.   Thank you to those of you who receive the Daily Positive Thought via email.  Thank you to those of you who forward it on to other people.  Thank you to the people who follow Think Positive 30 and Gratitude Rocks on facebook, and for the people who follow us on Twitter and for all the great retweets!

Thank you all very much for sharing this incredible journey with me.



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  1. Anne Mihalcheon

    Thank you for all the wonderful quotes! They make my day – everyday! 🙂

  2. admin

    Thank YOU! Hearing that makes MY day too!

  3. Charlotte

    I’ve been receiving your emails for it must be at least 2 years now. You have turned my life around. I used to think the world was against me and now I have such a happier outlook on life. I believe life is truly the way you see it. Your emails mean everything to me and if you ever want to give up, I will pay you to keep sending them! Haha!

    I’m not sure where you are based but I’m from London too and I always get them as I wake up in the morning 🙂 I get a lot of emails every day from the same people but yours are the ones I always read without fail. Thank you so much for sending these every day!

  4. admin

    Awww – Charlotte, thanks so much. But I do have to disagree with one thing. YOU changed your life around. You are the one with the power over you, not anybody else.

    You have no idea how much your words mean to me – thank you so very much.


  5. Heba Hassan

    :’) Thank you indeed Tracie
    I almost always forward your quotes to my frineds
    I love them,
    the fact that I live in UAE we both are on the other sides of the world is a positive thought alone 🙂
    So thanks for everything and for your time

  6. admin

    That’s so great to hear Heba – I’m so glad you enjoy the positive thoughts enough to share with your friends. Thank you thank you thank you for making my day 🙂

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